Careful! Virus spreading around Facebook

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I logged into my Facebook account and saw one of my friends wrote a weird post on my wall:

hey Stanley, hehe.. you could be tht naughty i didnt knw..really hard to see tht from my eyes lol

have a luk urself...

(click open or run when prompted)
It was a little weird, cause that particular person barely talks to me and the way this post was written looked unnatural.

It looked like a video link, but after looking closely at it, it became quite obvious it was a phishing site. I did click on it, but thank god I didn't run or open the file.

I quickly did some research and realized it was a new virus that has been going around on sites like MySpace and Facebook recently. Here's the link to the story:

Just wanted to warn everybody about this, in case you've been getting weird facebook wall post. Don't click on the links.

-Stanley Tang
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