eBook for sale made of PLR articles - good idea?

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I have a health niche site and I'm monetizing it by selling Clickbank ebooks. However, the selection for this niche is really poor, so I'd like to create my own appealing product. Now, I don't want to spend too much time or money for this book, so I came across the idea to make one from a pretty solid pack of PLR articles I have.

Is this a good idea, or is there a better way to create an ebook for selling purposes?
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    I would probably go with using an actual PLR eBook than a whole bunch of articles. I think that it's OK to make a bunch of articles pass as an opt-in perhaps but it's not really going to make a very good main product, in my opinion.

    An eBook needs to really have a natural progression and articles, even if they're good quality, aren't really in the same league as a quality product.
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    If you've got quality PLR (ie: the kind that has legitimate information and substance to it, not the junk you can get for a few cents), it shouldn't take much to tie it all together and create one big ebook. Just be careful, though, if you're planning on publishing the book through Kindle. Amazon is really cracking down on PLR!
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    I agree with Nathan that it's probably easier to start with an PLR ebook.

    But if the PLR is good, and especially if it's written by the same person, you can create an ebook out of it. Since it is PLR, you'll want to change it and add to it. It's still faster than starting from scratch!
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    Hi Samuel, you should go with something that is cohesive. Just some articles that go in different directions without a conclusive solution to a 'problem' wouldn't do the trick.
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    offer it as a freebie to build your list.
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    I've done this lots of times with PLR articles, you just need to tweak them a bit to make it flow properly.

    The big problem is that usually the articles have general information in the first paragraph and closing information in the ending paragraph which isn't appropriate for being put in an ebook (otherwise it seems like the ebook is just a bunch of articles strung together). So oftentimes there isn't a lot of article to be salvaged.

    Gone Fishing
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    If you can't find a PLR ebook that has what you want, you can certainly create one from some articles. It will just be more work to make it flow well and be valuable.

    One way to create something more valuable is to take more than one pack of PLR articles on your topic, high quality of course, and mix and match the best ones. Sketch out a logical outline from what you plan to use, including any new content you feel needs to be added.

    I then copy and paste everything I need into one document and start editing. Make sure everything flows from one section to another.

    Finally, think about adding some extra tools. Checklists, outlines, worksheets, etc. Anything relevant and useful.

    This is all more work, but you'll end up with a unique product that will be more valuable to readers.

    Good luck!

    - Sharyn Sheldon

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    I agree with the general consensus that a PLR ebook or report is certainly going to be an easier starting point. However, that doesn't mean you can't use the PLR articles. As long as you know the niche reasonably, they can be your outline for the ebook which you than rewrite and expand upon.

    It won't be a quick copy and paste job but it will certainly be quicker than writing an ebook from scratch.

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    I use alot of plr, BUT I also have some top writers that can rewrite em to be really great.
    I will usually give them five or six ebooks and let them know what I want rewritten in each and how to categorize it. I usually have them do 30,000 to 40,000 words on the ebook. I have went over 100,000 words. Anyways. I usually pay them between 300 and 800 depending on depth of research. If its just one ebook there rewriting to pass copyscape then its 300.
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