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Hi Warriors!

I read through David Risley's Six Figure Blogger Blueprint and he mentions that you should blog about something that's not only profitable, but also an area of interest or where you are knowledgeable.

Now the only thing I can think of doing, a niche I wouldn't get bored in, is game specific niche.

There are plenty of other active blogs and forums in this niche that I am personally involved in already. The only thing I am worried about is the fact that there is only one digital product for sale in this niche, and it's a game guide, and I'm not even sure how well it sells.

I reckon the main market is in the UK mostly. Does that mean it isn't really big enough. I don't know how well financially the other blogs and forums do.

There are tactic guides and plugin software's available all over the net for this game, but they are mostly all free I think. Generally, as a market, they don't buy things and get disgruntled when people try to charge for information about the game, I think this happened when the guide came out.

I think there could be other ways to monetize though if there is a enough traffic. The game releases a new version of itself every year, as it's a sports game. I think a digital guide could be difficult to sell though, given how tight they are as a niche group, but I think it could be profitable if there were some "under the radar" monetization methods I could implement.

Any help is very welcome and much appreciated.

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    So you want to blog about a specific game? Since you don't share what game it is I can't see the numbers and I probably don't know the niche, but I'd assume that it would be risky. What happens when the buzz about the game wears down? What happens when they stop coming out with releases?

    I do social media management for an iOS game developer, and by the connections I've made I can see there are many people doing well in general gaming as well as console specific. (PS3 gaming reviews for example). There are also a bunch of people not doing so well in the niche, but they probably don't have the knowledge you have from being a member here.

    I'd recommend blogging about the games you play, you can do reviews, tips, and whenever a vendor comes out with a product you can review it and recommend it to your readers (and include your affiliate link). With enough traffic you could do paid reviews from indie game developers, put up adsense ads, find CPA offers related to your niche, etc.

    The good thing about the gaming niche is that once you get active on social media you'll gain a lot of support from fellow gamers, bloggers, and developers.

    There is definitely money to be made here because the industry is huge, but if you really want to make it big you'll have to get creative. SEO will be very competitive in this niche also. Weigh the pros and cons and also try to find some more interests to consider, you have to be interested in more than that! What about topics you want to learn about but just never got around to?

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