Don't waste your time protesting SOPA, do something that can work

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I asked a question in the closing down WF SOPA thread, how shutting down WF for a day helped. Someone shot back at me, is this a serious question.

To which I replied, yes (kind of).

How many Senators or Representatives will see that WF was closed down? I would be surprised if one would have noticed. And that is the people that need to know how you feel, and why this is so wrong. They need to see as many email as possible, pointing out the problems that whis will cause. They are always fixing problems, only to cause more problems with the cures they come up with.

So, if you are afraid of what will happen, please write to your Senators (both of them) and your Representative. The more email they get, the more they may learn.

If you don't know how to write to these people, I have provided the links below. You will have to give your address so they can verify that you are living in their districts.

U.S. Senate: Senators Home

Also, you can write to the Speaker of the House directly from this web site. So it is a good thing that you write to him too. If you don't live in the USA, you can probably still write to him here. I wouldn't let them know you are from outside of the country, but you can make that determination.
Contact | Speaker of the House John Boehner |

Here is the link to the Senate leadership group. I think you can contact them through this page.
U.S. Senate: Senators Home > Senate Leadership

Please, write to these people. They will only make things worse as they usually do. Write to them and explain why what they are doing is so wrong. And get everyone you know to write to them too. The law of unintended consequences is a very harsh law and will bite us in the butt if these people are not stopped.
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