Better search engine than...well...Google? Interesting find.

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In my constant internet browsing and reading I came upon a web site which purports to be better than Google but with Google search results.

Apparently they simply pass along your search query to Google and return to you what Google gives them.

The upside of using this search engine is that they do not record anything about you. Things that Google routinely records.

I compared a search between them and Google and the results returned were almost identical.

I just thought others here might find that useful as they search for things at Google.

Personally I am not affiliated with this search engine at all.

I do not like the power and influence that Google continues to take to itself and am always open to trying non-Google anything and to sharing with others what I find.

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    There's a few of these around - is probably the most common. They're great for checking rankings of your sites because you don't get the "preferred results" that Google gives you when you're signed in.

    You can always go through a proxy like vectroproxy or about a hundred others for the same effect as well.
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      If there is any slowness to these alternative search engines it's not noticeable.

      What is noticeable is the lack of Adwords ads, and other fluff. I didn't think I would miss that stuff but not seeing it makes me I am missing something.

      Psychologically I think it will be tough for me to use alternative engines I think but from a privacy standpoint it's something I want to start doing.

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        Originally Posted by carlos123 View Post

        What is noticeable is the lack of Adwords ads, and other fluff.
        Am I just unlucky? Because for me it does show Adwords ads...

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          Originally Posted by Istvan Horvath View Post

          Am I just unlucky? Because for me it does show Adwords ads...
          Same here. And lot's of them.
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    There is no point in using a different site just because it stops Google from obtaining information about you. Almost every site collects information about you -- Amazon, for example.

    A better solution would be to use a browser plugin, which will then act as a barrier between you and any site you use. If you have firefox, have a look at the addons under privacy:
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    Such search engines are better than Google if you want to check your rankings. You're likely to get your preferred results through Google, which it determines through your history and previous search patterns. Search engines such as the one you have suggested (there are several others, btw) give a more objective view as they do not take into account your previous searches.

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    You don't need any of these sites: Just put your browser into private mode.
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