Amazon Associates -- The Webinar Approach

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I understand problems marketers are going through.

Not enough traffic, not sure where to begin, you
tried to invest into so many different websites that
didn't bring you much success even with a good product.

Forget the stuff about what you already know.

This is what you need to think about.
How can I bring in a massive amount of people
to learn about my associates promotion product
and how can I speak to that market and convert
them into real-time sales within 1 hour or less?



Yes, a simple, easy-to-implement Webinar
will get this done... but there is quite a few
things involved in this strategy you must know
about before moving further? Sure, the basics
to affiliate marketing is to select a product,
do keyword research, create SEO content,
and wait 6 months for competitive rankings.

I promoted my Amazon Associates webinar
and reached 2,000 targeted audience for
the product and made $800 in profits that day.

Cost me Under $200... Not a bad investment?
You'd probably spend that on SEO, backlinks, link building,
and possibly not even make it back in 6 months or more.

Just saying... Think about it
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    Webinars sound good but you still gotta provide high quality content and get people to to watch it. There's still some work involved.
    I'd be interested in a case study if you ever wanted to do one about your webinar venture. Or maybe you could do a webinar about doing webinars
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    Webinars are great in the IM niche for sure. I've used them to sell my own products/coaching, sell other marketers' products (and get an aff. cut), and as bonuses to sell more of my own products and give after-purchase tutorials.

    You have to be comfortable speaking and you must be organized or you'll go off the rails and look like an amateur. Practice runs help a lot when you're just starting out.

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    this sounds like an interesting tactic you could use to build your list and get some conversions to boot, if your product is suitable for it

    WF's Top 2 Reseller SEO Services for Offliners:
    Social Foundations: Reputation management & branded link building.
    Hyper-Local Citations: Custom built for your client's niche and city.
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    Yes, I am a Webinar Promoter for online and offline
    companies, and a self-made Webinar promoter
    for different Affiliate Marketing Products.

    (I started with Amazon first!)

    I've made exclusive deals with my promoted products
    because their executives found my webinar, signed up
    to attend my webinar, and loved it so much that they
    instantly called to offer me a job to do...
    Exclusive Webinars for them Full Time.

    I rejected the job because I rather be independant working
    on my own time, at my home, making money online.

    I did cut a better deal with the product executives to pay me a
    higher percentage with a different affiliate program. This all started
    with Amazon because that was the only way I can promote it!
    Yes, ANYONE CAN DO IT with the right model, structure, systems... Includes
    knowing the people's challenges, and what tone of voice that will speak to them.

    You have to understand the challenges of what people are going through,
    and I know exactly how to find real people who will appear on the Webinar
    that are CURRENTLY facing a primary challenge and the product helped them!


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