WOW this is what I call Affiliate Marketing.. crazy!

by zaco
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So I was watching videos on youtube and I came across this video guys...its so messed up! she did all that to get people to buy a software from clickbank.. what a talnet! notice the clickbank link at the bottom of the description page lol I can't believe it

Edit: I think she should have used Amazon as an affiliate since they count any purchase within 24 hours.. there is a good chance someone who clicks on the link to make a purchase within that period.. 11 million hits!

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    lol I don't know if she is making sales but she used her "Talent" to promote a product... hopefully clickbank doesn't go bankrupt after this.. lol jk
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    lol that is horrible.. I feel so bad for laughing but you cant help but laugh!!

    BUT this post will be my last appearance in this thread. I just cant find the nerve to make fun of other people anymore.

    I feel like crap for a lot of the stuff I did as a teen, but you cant change the past.. However I control my future. She could have medical problems that we dont know about or something.

    As funny as it may be, we really shouldnt go there.
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    Well at least she is using her Talent! if u post something on youtube then people will pick on you no matter what, but I think its a brilliant idea, I seriously do! I actually think she should change the banner to an Amazon link, this video got around 11 million visits and some of them might have purchased anything from Amazon so she has a good chance to make money since Amazon counts any purchase!
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    103 videos uploaded

    22,409,234 total video views
    616,547 Channel views
    15,053 subscribers

    Something to think about the next time you say "I could never do videos"...
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    looks like she has 15k subscribers and 22M views.. in my opinion she should monetize them! I know most of the people who subscribed might be there just to make fun but she can pull money out of them if she was using Amazon as I stated.

    She can buy a product from Amazon and tell people to check it out, people will go there to see the product and if they come back within 24 hours then she gets commission!
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    Superb stuff! Just goes to show that if you are interesting enough, there is so much earning potential on YouTube! If you gain enough of a following like she has, you are bound to cause at least a few sales. One should remember not to blow it though by marketing products that are not even remotely related to the videos. Nobody likes discrete spam.

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    Honestly mind blasting .

    I like to Participate in Communities ........

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    Is this how desperate people have become? Yelling at a camera and pasting it all over youtube to get some sales? Coz it worked! I'm buying
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    This young lady has some truly impressive Youtube stats. It would be interesting to see how well she is doing on the $$$ side of things. Her Click Bank links to a karaoke offer, which I suppose is sort of relevant, but there is no pre-sell and the offer is of pretty limited appeal... She might do better CPA offers...

    How much would you pay to get your affiliate link in front of 11.9 million (untargeted) viewers?? ;-)
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