Resurrected 2 old sites that now make me money everyday!!

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Back when I started in IM, I built a few adsense sites within the first couple weeks. I didn't really know what I was doing with keyword research, and even though some had good traffic, the CPC was too low, and the CTR was terrible (even with CTR theme). I moved on from most of them.

But there was 2 sites within the same niche, that managed to get to #1 position. They had good traffic, but making hardly anything with adsense. Also their bounce rate was in the high 80's!

Looking back at these sites, the layout looked messy, the Ad's were too obvious, the content and articles were hard to navigate... It looked too spammy.

So at the start of this year I decided to re-work the sites, and give them another shot.

This is what I did to both:
  • Built a new homepage which featured article excerpts (This drastically reduced my high bounce rate)
  • Completely changed and customised the theme (It looks totally different now to most Adsense themes),
  • Mixed up the ad placement on different pages
  • Rewrote some of the content.
  • Did some more on page SEO

I wanted to turn these sites into ones Pat Flynn would be proud of! Great content, professional look, while still profitable.

I think I succeeded!

Now these 2 sites were previously averaging $20 a month (together), this month they're on track to hit a combined $130! And remember, the average CPC hovers around 20 cents.

Plus the rankings have improved for a few more long tail keywords. Not bad!

I'm going to keep testing the Ad placement, to see what works best. The CTR is still average, and I think there's definatley some room for it to increase.

I know they are not making thousands, but it's a process I can repeat many times over. With the right keywords, there's no reason I can't building simliar pages making thousands a month!

So if you have some old sites that haven't worked, I encourage you to give them another shot!

You never know what could happen...
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