Clickbank Hops Vs Website Views

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It doesn't look right to me.. not sure how clickbank hops can be so low but my host is telling me the amount of unique visitors to the great is way greater than that.

do you know why this could be?
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    Hi Jefferson,

    It could be your tracking program I guess.

    I've never had a discrepancy like that between CB and the actual hits, but I notice that stats vary wildly depending on what you use. I use both awstats and google analytics, and I find that analytics shows far less uniques than awstats, but I've no idea why.

    Hope that's helpful at least a little.

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      I don't know if I'm reading your question right, so forgive the answer if I'm wrong. Clickbank only records the hops, which is the amount of times people clicked on your affiliate link. They don't record how many visitors you've had to your website. That's why your website is showing many more unique visitors. A lot of visited your site, but only so many have clicked on your affiliate link.

      If your website stats are showing that a lot more clicked on your affiliate link than what Clickbank is showing, then you would need to find out what's going on.
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        Unique Visitors = Unique visitors to your website.
        Hops = Number of times your visitors click your hoplinks.
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