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Can one use a copyrite name in their domain name if they are affiliate marketing.


I would be pushing sales of apple ipods etc through an affiliation of Amazon.
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    NO! Especially with the big boys.
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    No, you can't legally do that. For future reference, you may want to search the forums here.. this topic seems to pop up on the front page or 2 of this forum nearly every day. This forum has a wealth of information on just about anything you can think of.
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    Nah dont mess with it. Choose a better domain name and just focus on marketing. There's tons of websites out there who don't have an exact match domain name, but are still making a killing in their business. I suggest you do the same.
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      You are confusing copyright with trademark - they aren't the same thing.

      Registered trademarks in domains have been discussed here many times. Short version - unless you fully understand the use of trademarks (ones you don't own) and have legal advice....not smart to use it.

      Registering a trademark gives a company the right (and the obligation) to protect their company and/or product name. They can take your domain down and make you give them the url.

      Usually the advice is "ask a lawyer" but I wouldn't bother in this case. What you describe is exactly the kind of site that's likely to have a problem.

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    Just to clarify, this is a domain name issue only. You can have a site that focuses on product/brand name keywords, but they need to be inner pages of the site.

    apple-ipod-shop(dot)com - NOT OK
    music-central(dot)com/apple-ipod - OK

    I'm not a lawyer, but that's what mine told me, anyway.

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    copyright..trademarked...both of which meant legally owned by somebody..just stay out of it when creating your domain name
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    Why not just email the company and ask? Many times they will say yes. It's not that hard to do the right thing.

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    As mentioned above, you could always ask Apple, but generally, the answer is no to using a Trademark in your domain. There are some legal uses of trademarks and a lawyer could advise you better on that, but if you aren't going to get a lawyer to tell you, you should just avoid trademarks.
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    No as I have used one previousy and have their lawyer sent an email warning me to take down the site or transfer it to them. I did the latter. It means all of your previous efforts working on the site = gone.
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    Seriously? You are using their Trademarked name to effectively steal commissions from them... and you are asking if that is ok???

    It's stealing because without you buying that site, people would go to their direct site, but by using their name and ducking in the middle actually make them lose income...

    You are not bringing them any extra sales as affiliates are designed to do, you are simply diverting sales through you that should have gone directly to them.

    I've worked with Apple ... they will kick your butt...
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