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I recently add mailchip form on my blog. I want to know if someone subscriber our mailing list and confirmed their email address, how can i redirect that subscriber to my landing page.. Please help..
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    Under "Forms" for your list is an option " Confirmation - Thank you page". The very first line says this "Instead of showing this thank you page, send subscribers to another URL". This allows you to put in a URL of where you want the people to go after they have confirmed. Put the web address of your landing page in there.
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    Thank you very much for the help, now its worked.
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    I would like to point out something about Mailchimp.
    If you are using this service and you are affiliate marketer you might have a problem.
    In TOS they have something called "Prohibited Content and Industries" section where it states that affiliate marketing is forbidden. And I've heard and read many people saying that they have been banned from this service even without notice due to vialiation of TOS.
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      Originally Posted by Kris79 View Post

      If you are using this service and you are affiliate marketer you might have a problem.
      True ... and putting it very mildly, it seems.

      Many Warriors have lost lists there.

      This thread, and this thread, and this thread all explain some of the potential problems of using Mailchimp (and not only for affiliate marketers!).

      Also, note that if you do any affiliate marketing (or any of the many other things they don't like), even if you don't do it/them at Mailchimp, you can still lose your account and your list(s) there, as explained here.

      I'd actually strongly suggest avoiding a "free" autoresponder altogether, for all the reasons explained here.
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        Listen to what they're saying about Mailchimp ^^ .. If you have your own product it's ok but if you ever want to sell affiliate products you might run into trouble and lose your list..
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    No i am not using affiliate marketing, it is my own ebook which i am sharing absolutely free of cost to my subscribers.
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