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Hi All,

Anyone know of a good book to help a beginner get started in cold-calling? There are lots of books out there with good reviews.

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    Indeed! The greatest book I have ever read on this subject is by Stephen Schiffman and is called "Telesales". This dude has written great stuff on cold calling.

    You will also want to buy "The Little Red Book Of Selling" by Jeffrey Gittomer.

    Those 2 alone helped me do about $315K in 11 months calling people who HATED me.

    If I can do that in a hostile market...

    You get the picture!

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      I've been in sales and marketing for 36 years so take it for
      what it's worth.

      Why do you want to do cold calling?
      "Nothing Happens Until Something Is Sold"
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        Dr. Blase does have a good point. Cold calling is hard work and sucks. There are lots of better ways to get clients to come to you. I actually used those books I listed up there to figure out how to reverse the situation.

        Works much, much better now. What's the deal? I'm sure we can find a way to help
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          Not a DR., but I've learned a lot over the years.
          "Nothing Happens Until Something Is Sold"
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            Schiffman also has a book called Cold Calling Techniques That Work. It used to be updated every couple of years.

            I spent four years in recruiting and cold calling will suck the life out of you quick.

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              The best work I have EVER seen by a country mile on cold calling is from Ari Galper at

              His methods are outrageously effective, they put both the caller and the person receiving the call at ease and make the whole process a genuine pleasure.

              Kindest regards,
              Andrew Cavanagh
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                Yeah, Ari Gelper is the best. Forget everyone else and use his service.

                And, everybody will tell you cold calling and sucks and there are better ways to get clients. And they're right. But if you're starting out, or have trouble making money, cold calling is the simplest way to fix that. Why? Because it's the quickest way to get face to face with your target audience and start making offers.

                You'll learn more about marketing and selling through a few weeks of cold calling then you ever will reading ebooks from your comfy computer chair.


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                  You'll learn more about marketing and selling through a few weeks of cold calling then you ever will reading ebooks from your comfy computer chair.

                  While you do have a point I think rather than learning about business you'll learn about getting your ass handed to you. A person needs a game plan before they do anything. No script = no sales. I found this out the hard way.

                  Just like us IMers with our subject lines, a good coldcaller needs to know what to say when that prospect picks up. There's a sequence of events which will lead to the next and the next and the next...

                  It pays big time to read, plan and take action on something before making that first call. Nothing is more stressful and frustrating than a crap day on the phone.

                  Had many. Will never go back again.

                  Just so you know... I got into cold calling because I decided it was too grueling selling vacuums door to door. I got into IM because I thought it was too grueling cold calling.

                  Now I'm happy. See... look at my picture... I'm happy! (Oh God where's the rum?)
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                    Ari Galper will teach you that your mindset and method is far more important than any script.

                    Although he does focus very heavily on the very first line you say and exactly how you say it after the person you call answers the phone (that information by itself is worth more than just about every other book on the subject put together).

                    You do need to prepare thoroughly but Ari has demonstrated repeatedly in live seminars that he can call prospects and successfully sell them with no real knowledge of the product.

                    The key is not in talking (clearly) but in getting your prospect to talk and being genuine, honest and open.

                    It is a radical departure from the regular, ineffective script based cold calling and a long overdue departure.

                    I have never seen ANYONE who can cold call like Ari and after going through his course I was amazed at how easy I found it to make any cold call of any kind afterwards.

                    Nowadays I actually look forward to doing a cold call and I can wing it without any real preparation.

                    I know that sounds completely CRAZY but that's the power of what Ari teaches.

                    Kindest regards,
                    Andrew Cavanagh
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                      To be honest I've been on Ari's list but never bought his stuff. Thank GOD I got out before I had to... but what Andrew's saying sounds pretty kick ass.

                      Sounds like the guy knows his stuff, and from the little I've seen I can say this is true.

                      However, above all else you need to have a starting point, you need to know how to move a conversation... and I would bet you even Ari got to where he is by using scripts.

                      All I can really say is if you're new you need a plan... or a really dynamic personality everyone loves.

                      I think drugs can help with that.... let me know which ones you take and I'll buy a bottle.
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                        If what you are doing is truly "cold calling" - you may also need a copy of the Do Not Call list.

                        Saving one dog may not change the world - but forever changes the world of one dog.

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    If you're doing B2B calling, the DNC list doesn't apply. It's only for residences.
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      Ari Gelper charges a pretty high fee for his product. I am sure it is worth it but for a guy starting out with little to no money I doubt they will drop a grand for his program.

      At any rate there are a ton of good books out there. Go to amazon, type in cold calling and see what people say. Buy 3 books and read them and you will know 100 times more than most.

      Good luck.

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    Gogetta (a warrior here) has a pretty good ebook/report on cold calling... from what i know, he lives and breathes cold calling so you can probably learn a thing or two
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