Just made some money! Random clickbank sale...

by kret0s
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Just checked my account and got a sale 2 days ago...

I haven't been promoting this product for a month

I'm not too sure where this sale came from...

Any ideas?
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    If you had analytic's hooked up...You would know exactly where it came from...

    If you don't give details you can't get help...Next time try providing more information if you want a better quality reply.... Just sayin...


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    You don't track your websites footprints.
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    Yep, analytic's could have given you an instant and accurate answer. If it's just one sale, I'd probably suggest taking out the money and celebrating, rather than questioning where it came from! Congratulations!

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    Dude, don't worry about it. Hell, I don't know where a ton of my sales come from.. your links are cooking for 2-3 months... you probably had someone revisit a link or an old email and purchase...

    Just keep grinding.
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    Even me, I really don't have the time to track on where my CB sales are coming from, but the important thing is that I made sales and to give valuable content to the buyers. It's a good thing that you made a random sale, better than none.
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  • Profile picture of the author Yudhistira Mauris
    Or you maybe got a random sales when the buyer came from regular link (not from affiliate link). Then system will choose random affiliate to get commission. I just visited affiliate page of a clickbank product that offer such this system.
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    that is awesome but sucks at the same time. I make my living from clickbank and we are tracking and testing nuts. You have to know where your sales are coming from otherwise, you will not know what is working, and what traffic is converting best for you.

    Just hope this helps for next time.
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