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by kayvee
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Hi everyone

Where do I post a request for a website and product critique/review?

Its not in the internet marketing niche

please let me know

#critique #website or product
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    Go ahead link away.
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    post it right here in your orignial we can review it... but make sure and give us some Details please....


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    Hi, there are lots of people here can give you great feedback. So let us know what kind of product and website do you mean and lots of people here will give you some reviews.

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      Thanks everyone....for your replies and for your offer to help

      Just wasnt sure if I was in the right place

      In any case...

      My friend (Internet Business Newbie) setup a website in the arts and crafts niche. She set-up a flycatcher page and got some responses meaning people were interested in a full blown course

      The website is on Clickbank

      She has tried to contact 25 different JV partners but no one has been interested. maybe the arts and crafts market is a small nice...I dont know

      In any case....she launched it a month ago and has yet to make a sale

      She is on the bottom half of the first page of Google for the related keywords phrase.

      She is working to get her ad approved by adwords.

      And in one month, she has had 25 subscribers

      She has a high bounce rate off the squeeze page

      Here is the squeeze page:

      How to Make Ribbon Flowers | Making Fabric and Ribbon Flowers

      And this is the sales page:

      Any sort of website design is appreciated

      Any sort of marketing advice to generate sales is appreciated. I will then pass of the information to her

      Thank you for for your time....if you need more details please let me know, thanks

      Good night..I will read your responses tomorrow
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    I would take the "share this video" section off the squeeze page, and put all the emphasis on generating the lead. A lightbox hover ad could close more leads for her. If she want more subscribers from her current traffic... tell her to only ask for the email address only.

    On the sales letter, there's no introduction of why she should be listened to. She isn't positioning herself as an expect in her niche. I think more bullet points should be on the bonuses she's offering, along with her core product offering. I would drop the price to $17.

    Headline and graphics are pretty good, and the site loaded quickly on my end. These things alone should improve her results.
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      the keyword gets decent type in traffic on google but there is no adwords ads showing up and in the top 5 results you have sites that are showing you how to do it for free. It would serve you better to find a niche with buying keywords.
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    Run a Facebook capmpaign targeting people interested on design of flowers and such. invest maybe $100 to see where it gets you if many subscribers are coming invest a little more.
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    Hey,dude.That's not a very beautiful page i think.Here arev some options:

    1 Why not put the email address in the main page,not contact us

    2 the page of "about us" is too simple.You should put a actual photo about the workplace or workers

    3 I saw 15 h1 lables in the page's source code .That's crazy ! Google hate too many h1 in a page .

    4 i CAN'T see any
    description in the image's alt=""

    Oh my god There are more problems in the page you list above.Too many,too many.
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    Actually, it should go here

    Website Design
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    Hi everyone

    That was really good advice that she will be able to implement easily

    its all about testing as well and tweaking until she ets it right

    But thanks so much for all your wonderful advice...I will pass the information to her
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    Unfortunately, in this case I think it's the product itself that's not marketable. Would someone really *spend money* to learn how to make ribbon flowers?
    I'm sure you'd have better luck selling a product called "How to Make Money With Ribbon Flowers"

    I think your squeeze page and sales page are very good. But if the product is not marketable, not even the most clever copywriter can make it sell. It's the case of "you can't sell a dead duck".
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