How do I find my "passion"?? I don't like Anything?? I am stumped!

by Shuayb
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Hi all,

I apologize for this being my first post and not offering much value or introducing myself properly, but I have been trying to figure this out for a good few years now to no avail, and I am hoping the minds here can help me out, God-willing.

I have tried to get into IM full time for the past 7 year or so, but it has never taken off. I make a little bit of money online every month, but nothing to replace my full-time income with.

Nothing can hold my attention. Every time I start a project, I am all excited about it and go at it with full force; but once that initial adrenaline and rush is gone, I can't seem to take interest in it no matter how hard I try and it either gets left halfway done, or gets completed but not as well as I thought it would since I just can't keep interest in it.

Not boasting here, but I sincerely and humbly hope you'll understand the point. I am a very smart guy, thank God. I can read well, I can write well, I can understand many different things and ideas well, I can comprehend what many others have difficulty comprehending (again not boasting at all but trying to make my point). I have knowledge in "traditional" webdesign, I understand Wordpress and can go from purchasing a domain name to having Wordpress installed and configured in a matter of a few minutes (like anyone else I'm sure, but again trying to make my point here).

I write very well (or so I've been told), I'm a platinum level author on Ezine Articles, applied at TextBroker a few days ago just to see what happens and the 200 word writing sample I wrote in my sleep got me rated as a level 4 by them, I have written articles for others (rarely) in the past and they loved what I wrote... but yet I can't figure out what to write about. I had applied at Text Broker thinking I would write a couple of articles for them daily to earn a little bit of extra cash on the side and maybe get into the "writing mode" for my own sites, but I sit there and go through their assignments in all categories and nothing appeals to me for some reason.

This is my main issue that I'm trying to get to: I cannot, for the life of me, figure out what my "passion" is!

I'm not a "loner" or a "weird guy" or any characteristics which one may associate with someone who doesn't "like" anything or doesn't have a passion. I'm actually a very normal, fun guy, have a nice family and friends, people like me and respect me. Again, not boasting, but trying to drive home the point that I am a "normal" guy who apparently doesn't like anything enough for it to hold his interest? How is that possible? :confused:

I have even done some of those exercises here and there, where you sit down and make a list of everything that pops into your head and then try to narrow down something you would love to do from there, but never was able to figure out something to which I would just say "oh my God this is it, I can't wait to do this and keep doing it from this point forward!". You know how they say your true passion is what you would do whether you were getting paid to do it or not? That's what I'm looking for but apparently having a bit of trouble finding it.

Even if I arrive at something which I think I like, as I said, after a while, sometimes hours, sometimes days, weeks at most, I completely lose interest in it to the point where I don't even want to look at it. I have many websites, some finished, some unfinished, many domains which I researched and they highly appealed to me at the time so I purchased them but then I lost interest and they're just sitting there.

I have the ability to write well, thank God, but as I said, I cannot figure out what to write about, nor do I like to write to be honest, even though I have the ability to write well (hope that makes sense). I feel that if I could find a topic which I was extremely passionate about, combined with my writing & researching skills, I could really develop a huge, successful authority site in that niche... but I have tried and tried, researched niches after niches for years and years, and for some reason I'm not passionate about anything?? How is that possible? :confused:

I'm just not understanding why I keep selling myself short, when I know I am capable of so much more. Thank God, I have a day-job with a decent salary, but there are just certain circumstances with myself and some loved ones where I seriously need to jump in and help out (with financial support), and I know that financial support and more can come from a successful internet business, but I just can't figure it out!

From the beginning of 2012 I have been on a leave of absence from my day job due to certain reasons, and I have about 6 weeks or so left before I go back to work. So I have the luxury of more or less dedicating as much time as needed to IM during this time, and I also have about $1000, more if justified, to invest into anything which may be needed, so, thank God, I am not as cash-strapped as many are when they try to go into IM.

I need to make something happen in these few weeks, otherwise I will get sucked back into the day-job again and that will probably be it. I need help.

I'll stop talking (writing) now as I've babbled enough already, but I certainly hope I was able to make my point. In the end, I am looking for help, I'll try just about anything, to find my passion which I could venture into and turn into a full-time IM gig for me.

Thank you for your time and your advice.


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    You keep trying different strategies, hobbies, activities, interests, different social groups, and spending time with different individuals until something seems to click and seem supremely enjoyable and worthwhile.

    If you stop doing that, then you will likely never find what lights your fire.

    If you keep trying different things, then you will likely have success eventually... maybe in 1 month... maybe in 1 year... maybe in 20 years.

    Good luck.
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    You have no hobbies at all. Not even watching T.V. doesnt matter though, do a few things and see if something clicks. Do alot and something will click.
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      Your passion is disinterest, apathy.


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      I too was once like you and at times I still am... It's part of our DNA and genetic makeup my friend...Not Good, Not Bad... but... when used correctly can be a Massive Asset... Let me take you for a Short Yellow Bus Tour at my home office...

      At 43 years old I am have been self employed since i was that sounds great doesn't...well lets take in to account the 300 plus times I have Failed and probably more... Unlike you my writing Ogre wouldn't give my writing the time of day.. However, I am an avid reader and a huge believer in personal education... I still follow that philosophy every day... I have mounds of Reading material stacked taller than the Empire state building. Education pays... and ignorance can cost a Fortune... Finding something to be passionate about is not in our DNA, we have the need to be constantly working on something new and exciting... so how do we cater to our own demise...

      We do it by simply getting in a business that allows short term accomplishments with Huge Flexibility. I can tell your smart normal guy, Sharp as a tack and you have Drive along with some Resources...Now let's take advantage of that nemesis by finding something to drive us...

      For me... I got into the Website building Business... Not for other people, but for myself... I am building an Empire in Online real estate... Why you ask, because it's lucrative and Flexible... Here are some examples:

      I love Waterfowl Hunting - So i researched the niche, built 40 plus sites, ranked them for Kick Butt Search Phrases... and Made Adsense money... but now.. i am board... So next i built a $7 product that was mine...(WOOT WOOT something different that was not about building a website) then i added it to all the sites... Oh No Board again... Now what? I sell Exclusive advertising to several Outdoor Companies on my sites... More money... WOOT WOOT again.... but... BOARD AGAIN... Now what... Most recently i decided to get into the Decoy Manufacturing Market...

      I now am building a Product of my own... Installing the Auto-Pilot marketing and sales machine... INTERNET Marketing and researching to build more sites for that product....

      The Beauty of this is... and there is more too it... I am always doing something different and i keep the projects down too 2 weeks or less... In the meantime the Empire continues too grow... I just got through doing some consulting to a couple of Outdoor Companies... Which was a Blast, easy too do... something different and more money...

      Too try and help you here... I think its important to understand that its all about staying diversified to keep our attention spans in check... As you can see in the past you have had huge issues...but applied this way as i have described its a HUGE ASSET. We currently work in about 30 plus niches like the one I described above and its Fun... Lucrative and Empowering... next comes Offline Clients looking for help... Public Speaking its all out there... I am involved in many of those aspects...

      I can only hope that you see what most would perceive as a Linear Flaw...Is more like a VERTICAL GULF STREAM 5 LEAR JET... Your the Jet.. Now take off my friend... PM me any time... I normally would not take this much interest in a Post...but after reading your Origial Post i wanted to respond...

      To Your Continued Success,

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    Find something that really interests you and keep playing on that for long. For example, if you are playing a game called World of Warcraft for more than a year, and you bought lots of premium items in their online store, that's where your real passion is. You loved that game for so long, it means you're very passionate to it.
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    How far are you willing to go? There are ways out, but they bring risks of course.
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    I don't write many replies. However this one, I felt like adding something.
    You are not alone with this. I won't call it a problem because it is a part of the process.

    My observation, we don't need a reason to do something we have to do.
    But if something is dependent upon choice, we find all excuses to do/not to do it.
    As example, in case you are doing a job for living, do you ever have to ask yourself to go to work?
    Whether it feels good or not, we don't take off from work for more than a week/2weeks or so.
    Why? because we have no option.
    However when it comes to IM, you have choice. Even though this work can give freedom for lifetime, this is ignored.
    Why..because we have choice to do it or not to do it.

    The mind then struggles to find a passion.
    Finding a passion is just a layer covering something which is stopping from doing the real work.
    I think we need to find that.
    The exercises you mentioned certainly help, provided we do them for a long time.
    I would wish that you stop waiting for AHHA moment to come. And find a little reason to work .. just for next hour.
    And then continue that.
    Ask, what can I do now to make my life better, life of people around me better. And do it... NOW.
    Motivation is a blast of energy.. however we can not expect something to motivate us all the time.
    Ultimately its also a emotion like joy or sorrow.
    If it last forever, it won't be of any value.
    Like if I experience joy continuously, I will not be joyful because I would then expect more... it would be routine thing.

    Did you notice, why you are still trying since 7 years? What is it..even if it is a small reason, you should respect it.
    For me, its a mixed feeling. I am excited by the possibility that I would be able to get the freedom.
    Sometimes to avoid pain.

    Good luck with your mission finding mission.
    Don't do too much analysis. They have a right saying that goes with it.. with a word paralysis.
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    Shauyb - are you sure that its the subjects you are tackling and not the IM part itself? Robert (BrashImpact) is right. Not everyone is meant to be online for a living. I can't do it 100% - I always have one foot in the brick and mortar world.

    Perhaps there is a business offline you could really dig enough to go obsession with. Use online to augment it instead of trying to do online only.

    Need another example? I love gem hunting. You can't do that online -- but I did put up a gem/gold/fossil etc hunting website. The stone and minerals I find, I sell. Sometimes I have them cut or cabbed - another brick and mortar necessity. On my site I have some vendors who I affiliate with, but that's not where the money comes from really. The money comes from getting to network with other gem hunters and getting the skinny on where the gem sites are. I can go anywhere in the country and get the insider scoop on where to get the goods. So my business is a mix of both brick and mortar and online.

    Maybe you need to find something that puts you into alternate universes, too. There's a more than a few people here that have businesses running in both worlds. It works for them and they enjoy it, while they might not have so much fun with it if they tried to do 100% in either universe.

    When the Roads and Paths end, learn to guide yourself through the wilderness
    Beyond the Path

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      I think we will get great results when we start to ask great questions.

      Perhaps you need to forget what you like etc and ask yourself something like:

      Why do I want to get involved with internet marketing?

      Why did I pick this subject in the first place?

      Once I get this website up and running - what am I going to do with it?

      The bottom line is try to find a new way to look at things. It is okay to set up a site and flip it or give it to a friend. It is okay to have a site about something you don't like.

      My feeling here is - you want to find something you like and that is something YOU have to find firsthand.

      The Gurus Have Lied To You: Learn Internet Marketing For FREE. Don't Spend Another Penny Before You Read My FREE REPORT. Go here:

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    Ah yes, the old 'find your passion' chestnut.

    Whoever first started peddling that crap probably meant well, but has inadvertently damaged the earning prospects of thousands of people ever since. Me included. It took me years to come to terms with the fact that I don't really have a passion for much of anything! And for a long time the guilt I secretly felt about that lack held me way back.

    There are still 'find your passion' proponents around and I'm sure they have no idea of the harm they cause.

    The trouble with this really bad advice is that it is normally interpreted as meaning you have to find a subject you are passionate about so you can build your online empire around it. Someone who is devoted to training dogs, for instance, should start a website on dog training, or write yet another crappy ebook on the subject.

    That's fine if you are lucky enough to have two additional things going for you: your passion is shared by a big crowd of people who are eager to spend money, and you happen to have the ability to communicate your passion in a way that makes them want to spend that money with you.

    The passion myth started out from a good place - the idea that if you are going to make it online you must be in it for the duration. You can't just dip in and out on a whim - building a business requires that you concentrate your efforts. Having a passion for your chosen subject, it was thought, was the best way to ensure that you wouldn't get bored and fall at the first hurdle.

    It sounds good, but it doesn't stack up to real life.

    What happens, for example, when you have finished building your mega authority website on cultivating Tibetan orchids, or collecting porcelaine thimbles? Is that it? Do you have to stop there? Or are you expected to have a string of passions that you can tap into?

    Look around - how many people make money from just one profit stream? Some, perhaps, but not many. Successful Internet marketers tend to be serial entrepreneurs.

    In the real world there are millions of people making great money from niches that they not only don't have a passion for, but in reality don't know the first thing about!

    I knew a guy who made a killing from a niche website about coat hangers. You can guarantee that he didn't have a passion for his subject.

    I have a site that has been making me steady money for nearly ten years now on camping. I know nothing about the subject, have never spent a night under canvas and have no intention of doing so. And incidentally, I haven't touched that site for 8 of those years.

    I am not in any way suggesting that having passion for a subject is a bad thing. Far from it. If you are lucky enough to love a subject that other people might pay good money for information about, then grab that God-given opportunity with both hands! You may have a goldmine at your fingertips.

    But if the passion eludes you, as it does the vast majority of us, don't write yourself off.

    Now, while I am clear in my mind that passion about a subject is not required for online success, there is another kind of passion that you almost certainly can't do without.

    That is the passion for the process.

    Anyone who has been making money online for a while is familiar with the mournful complaints of people who say that they just can't make it work for them no matter what they try. Ten minutes on the Warrior Forum will find dozens of souls who just can't make it work for them.

    Internet marketing is not for everyone. In fact, if the truth be told, it may not even be for most people. It takes a certain kind of person to do what we do - a person with a passion for the process of Internet marketing.

    I have been an Internet marketer for 11 years. Over half of them full-time. In that time I have seen thousands of people fail to make headway as online marketers and a few who have almost effortlessly risen through the ranks to become great successes.

    The difference is never in what they were selling or how passionate they might have been about any particular niche. The real difference was the passion they felt for the game we call Internet marketing: the tedious, time-consuming, frustrating, confusing, contradictory, exciting, invigorating and, at times, sublime 'process' that we eat, sleep and breathe.

    For many of us all it took was that first affiliate commission paycheck to ignite the fire.

    To some observers I have worked harder on my Internet business than on anything else I have ever done in my life, but in my mind I honestly haven't done a day's 'work' in 11 years. Because of my passion for the process everything I've done has been pure fun, utter joy.

    If you can spark that kind of passion in your belly about just 'doing' Internet marketing then the rest is academic.

    Martin Avis publishes Kickstart Newsletter - Subscribe free at
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      Thank you for this post. You have described exactly what I have been experiencing for the last few months as my passion that I thought would make money hasn't but other things that didn't burn within have. Weird? Not really, the process has been the thing that has made the money not the subject. Don't get me wrong it was the content going viral that did it but there wasn't burning passion and excitement behind the generation of that content.
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    You don't need to be passionate about the niches you get into, but you do need to be passionate about working for yourself. If you're not and can't focus and bring projects to completion and do what you need to do daily, you're going to have a hard time making a living online.

    It takes focus and discipline to get up every day and get to the computer and start doing the things you need to do to make your business successful. No one is around to crack the whip.

    One thing that is a high motivator is success. The more successful your business or projects are, the more motivated you will be to see them through.

    But again ... passion for specific niches is not required. You only need to the know-how and focus to work on and make a niche profitable. Making it profitable will make you a bit more passionate about it.
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    Dude like evry one else, we are in a world where information overload is a growing concern. You have been at this 7 years means you have not QUIT and thats a great thing.. Now the best method in finding passion is take a break frmo your IM efforts and give yourself some time off. We think of the IM world all the time we are blinded and do not see the gold pot in front of us and we go around it.

    Taking a well earned break is always good, relax, medidate and best thing is join a mentor ciaching or a skype group where people are working towards a common goal and that is the biggest factor, going at IM alone is the worst thing as sometimes we feel if we are doing this right ? or should we just go back to the 9-5 routine...

    thats where having a group of like minded individuals will help you stay focused and motivated, as for the business models go does not matter , you can make money with a lot of them and the same for passion . like the experts say do the things you love, even if you will not be paid for it that is your PASSION and see if you have any such activities and see if you can HELP people with it ,, the $$ will follow....
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    Hey Shuayb

    I've felt like I didn't have a passion for a long time. I asked myself the same thing tons of times. How the hell am I gonna make this work, I don't even like anything. It's similar in my education as well. Studying business finance when I dislike most of it. I think the most important question is not how, what or when.. but WHY.

    I ask myself WHY I am on this earth and I have to find a reason for living. After tons of motivational videos and inspiring stories, my only real passion is that before I die I want to leave my mark on this world. That IS my WHY.

    Now what kind of passion is that? IDK, some weird kind but it's what I found and is what finally gave me the kick in the ass to actually do the mundane tasks day to day. I don't like writing articles, I don't like researching keywords, I don't like setting up websites... I don't like trading time for money.. All I know is that I want to leave my mark in this world and a regular 9-5 at my local department store won't get me that. I want to HELP and LEAD others to a life of fulfillment, wealth, and happiness. I think that's something good to be known for. And HOW to get there? Create my own level of success and spread my story to others. I think that's how I'm gonna do it :confused:

    Now this thread is about you NOT me, but I was hoping to inspire you or at least get you thinking about your passion or perhaps help you find out that your true passion is HELPING people or something of that nature. It wasn't until someone else showed me the satisfaction and rewards of helping others achieve greatness that it became a goal of mine, as well as a passion.

    What is your WHY for living?

    To be a family man? To be the best father you can be? To make the most money that your family has ever seen? To give your kids a better life?

    How are you going to attain this WHY for living through I.M.? Is it going to take hours and hours of work but in the end it will be worth it? IDK, up to you to decide.

    I hope I didn't ramble on about nothing. Remember Thomas Edison failed thousands of times... and every time he failed it was a lesson.. So build on your past, learn from it and change the future.

    Or maybe is there anyone that you consider a hero? or someone you wouldn't mind being? Emulate them perhaps and figure out what you need to do to get there.

    Hope this helps. I wish you the best. PM me anytime.


    P.S - Also, as far as APPLICABLE advice on working on I.M. tasks. If it sucks that much, which most of it does for me.. Work in small chunks of time. That way you're attention isn't needed for long amounts of time to the point where you're bored and want to quit.

    In my signature.. It's not a secret method.. It's a lifestyle.. It's Day 1, Follow Me From The Bottom UP!

    I Write Articles Too! PM ME!

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    It's hard to add much to Martin's fantastic reply above. But the important thing is that you've recognised that you lose interest quickly.

    Now, don't kid yourself that it's going to change. Don't start a new project which is going to involve months-to-years of sustained effort. The authority site that involves building a list, writing updates every day, digging ever deeper into a subject...that's probably not going to work out.


    - Build niche sites for flipping or residual profits. Outsource the linkbuilding and writing, so you only need to concern yourself with the initial creation.

    - Find writing gigs where the process is of interest: you might not care about the subject, but if it involves learning about copywriting or another specific skill in the process, you might be energised by that.

    - Do consulting to other businesses. A quick burst of creative energy is often what people are crying out for, and you don't have to fake your enthusiasm beyond the point where it wanes.

    I'm exactly the same as you, and I've worried about it for years. But recently I've accepted it's just how I am, and I need to find working patterns that suit that tendency.

    Remember that most people have difficulty getting started, and spend years talking about ideas which they never quite get the motivation to begin. When you think about it, the opposite problem isn't really that bad.

    Need quality content for humans to read, not just spiders to crawl? I'm your man - check out my Warrior For Hire post.

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      Here's the thing...

      You say you don't have a passion and that's fine, but it certainly doesn't mean you will never have one. You can't have tried everything in the world.

      Maybe laziness, or such, is holding you back from trying new things. Have you tried to:

      Run a marathon?

      My advice is to try new things. It could be anything like a new hobby, or even a new class at night school.

      Why don't you do something easier, and this might cost you a few $$$.

      Have a look on Amazon at the different book topics - have a good look through them and look at the inside previews. Now buy a new book every week or two in something you think might be interesting.

      It will only take you a short time to read a book - rinse and repeat until you find something you are passionate about, or want to get passionate about.

      Good luck...
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    I do things a little differently - People say follow your intrests and money will come.
    I find a good niche and follow the money.

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    “The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather in a lack of will.” Vincent T. Lombardi
    "For everyone somewhere there is a piece of heaven on earth"
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    Maybe you don't need a passion, maybe you just need motivation. What would motivate you to be a internet marketer? Is it the opportunity to work at home on your own schedule? Is it the opportunity to make a lot more money than you would at your day job? Is it the satisfaction of being your own boss and building your own business? Is it to help your family?

    If you can't find passion, find something to motivate you.
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    I think your hobbies is to create threads on WF about how to find passion??????

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    So right, couldnt have put that better...extroverts Like us always have that issue.
    You'll make it dude just do whatever U want!

    For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. - Jeremiah 29:11

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    I understand Ur feeling...Lots of things r coming to my head ryt now...Idk where to start...Infact I m like U
    I think U r not able to concentrate on IM coz U have a decent job...If U dont have that and U got bombs striking Ur *** U would have definitely worked on IM with concentration.
    Think what r ur hobies.
    list them down on priority basis and then work on the most lovely hobby of urs..
    sell all other sites u have...I think wont deviate ur mind when u r working on ur most lovely hobby site?


    I can convert your Non-Responsive website to Responsive website ... How sweet is that? :)

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      Lots of good replies here. Mine comes closest to what Martin said, but I'm going to be a bit more charitable towards those who advocate "finding your passion." I've known some of those individuals, and for them the passion is part of who they are. Intellectually, they can accept that someone may not have what they have, but deep down the idea is totally foreign to them.

      For Martin, the passion came with the process. For someone else, it came from wanting to leave their mark on the world. In my lifetime, I've met people with what some might call "odd" passions. One wanted to build a gorilla preserve in Africa. Another wanted to build a string of animal rescue operations. Sustainable aquaculture. Literacy for the disadvantaged. Helping at-risk youth. On and on.

      The commonality they shared was that they had no real passion for building a business, or for the actual businesses they chose. Those businesses were a means to an end, and the vision they had for that end drove them to build thriving businesses.

      Maybe you, as some suggest above, simply haven't found your passion. Many people don't find theirs until later in life. Until you do, work with what you have.
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    Answer this: what productive thing would you do if you didn't have to be concerned with paying the bills? Something you looked forward to doing every day. That's probably your passion.

    I also think you've made a pretty good case for writing in the op.
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    You're looking for the Holy Grail. The problem is; when you don't find it you freeze up and do nothing.

    Martin, as well as many others, gave you good advice.

    Stop looking for your one and only ultimate passion. Find something you're at least mildly interested in that has a market and go for it. Stick with it until it's making money. If somewhere along the way you find your "passion" then you'll already know exactly what to do to build a business around it. If not, you'll still be making a living in the mean time. Very few things are going to hold your interest every day. Even the most exciting niches require doing some boring work to keep them going.

    Your might find writing is a good option since you're good at and it involves learning about a multitude of topics. It's hard to be bored when you're researching a new subject every day.

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    I think too much emphasis is placed on finding your "passion" in life. Do what you're good at and become a master at it. If you want to be successful, you have to set yourself apart somehow. People always seek out the best at whatever they need, and if you are indeed the best, they'll pay whatever you ask for your time and services.

    Find a way to make money with the skills you have. If you can't seem to stick with one thing, find a way to work with several things at once. Then, when you get bored with one, you can move onto another. When you get bored with that, go back to the first. Then you'll be building several businesses at once and keeping yourself interested.

    My career is in the health field and I spent a year researching Type 2 Diabetes in order to find a natural cure.

    My 101 page eBook is available for affiliates at JVZoo. Affilates make 75% commission.

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  • Profile picture of the author Seatbelt99
    I suffer from basically the same exact thing as you. I actually find myself in a very similar position that you're in! Here's what I'm doing to overcome it (I just started this over the last weekend so hopefully it will play out well).

    I get that surge of passion about a new project, get it going, write some articles, do the keyword research and all that...It lasts a few weeks by which time I have a pretty decent site started and pointed in the right direction. Then I lose interest...So, here's what I"m doing now. At this point I hand it off to a VA to keep it going. During those initial days or weeks of passion I do some good keyword research and hand off a large list of keywords to target to my VA. He writes articles (or has someone write them for him) and posts them. He finds people to do the SEO link building and article submission and all that...He basically does all the work while I move on to something new and exciting for me. From time to time I'll go back and review the sites, make some updates or changes but mostly I leave it to my VA to push it forward.

    Note this requires having a trusted VA who you know will do high quality work. I was lucky enough to find just that a while ago while working on other things and have just spent a couple hours 'training' him on this new series of projects he'll take on for me.

    He is now running two sites for me completely...HOpefully this will work out well and turn into some great income for me.

    If you're interested in discussing this more in depth or anything you're welcome to PM me...I'd love to chat with someone in such a similar position as me. lol

    GOod Luck!
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  • Profile picture of the author joona
    As some other members have pointed out using different words... The solution to your situation could be:

    Fall in love with the process, not the outcome.

    If you like the process of doing, then the specific niche doesn't matter that much. You can try to make it a game or something to try to improve your process. That has been my approach previously and has worked pretty well.

    Of course, to maximize your chances of success (however you define it) in an ideal situation you would love the process and the outcome.
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  • Profile picture of the author Shuayb

    I am deeply humbled by all the amazing advice and replies I have received from you all. May God bless all of you and your loved ones.

    Please know that I have read each post in this thread about 3 times now and there is amazing advice in your replies not only for me but for anyone!

    I will reply to each one of you personally later when I have some time to sit down and do so, but I just wanted to express my thanks.



    P.S. I would actually thank you guys by hitting the "thanks" button but I guess I don't have any "thanks" to give yet because the button is not active.
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    • Profile picture of the author Michael Ten
      Originally Posted by Shuayb View Post


      I am deeply humbled by all the amazing advice and replies I have received from you all. May God bless all of you and your loved ones.

      Please know that I have read each post in this thread about 3 times now and there is amazing advice in your replies not only for me but for anyone!

      I will reply to each one of you personally later when I have some time to sit down and do so, but I just wanted to express my thanks.



      P.S. I would actually thank you guys by hitting the "thanks" button but I guess I don't have any "thanks" to give yet because the button is not active.
      Lolol. I hope you have efficient success in finding enjoyable and fulfilling activities in life on this Earth.
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  • Profile picture of the author hustlinsmoke
    I disagree with alot of you, about not having passions. If your a couch potato that is your passion and your niche, if your shy that is your passion and your niche, if you like to sleep late, that is your passion and your niche. Favorite drink coke, another passion and another niche.

    A niche is anything you do on a continuous basis that you will not stop doing for a long time to come. You wear glasses and frustrated about it, that is your passion and your niche.

    What makes you happy, what makes you mad, what is your pet peeve, write all this down. Write down what you do all day and put your thoughts on there at the same time.
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    • Profile picture of the author LaLaLives
      You've received outstanding advice and input already. I'll only say this:

      It is possible that you don't have a passion for making money and that's not necessarily a bad thing. You CAN make money, but it's not what you're passionate about. Yet, you realize that making money (and making more money) is something that you and others will benefit from. You're banging your head against a wall now, because you know you're more than capable of making money to improve your life and to help your loved ones, but it's still not what you WANT to spend your time doing, and it sounds like you're building a mental resistance against it all.

      My suggestion would be to forget about finding your passion in terms of making money. You have a day job and it is sufficient enough to pay the bills for now. Take some pressure off of yourself and embrace that that is your primary money maker. Relax and let that be okay, for now.

      While you're not strongly driven by a will to make money, it sounds as though you are blessed with a mix of valuable talents and creative intelligence. That these traits give you short bursts of "profit potential energy" sounds like you are more of an idea generator, but that you don't have much interest in implementing your ideas in the long term. Two easy ways of maximizing or capitalizing on your own strengths are to partner with someone who likes to work on the long haul or use your $1000 to begin outsourcing those continuing tasks to someone else. Point blank, you are a starter who needs to pair up with (or hire) a finisher.

      There are a lot of criticisms about Tim Ferriss' book The 4-Hour Work Week, but if you haven't read it already, I suggest you do so. In it you may find a few gems to help you create systems that need minimal maintenance after the initial start-up phases. Something tells me that Ferriss' book along with the advice further up about flipping websites will do you well.

      Be okay with the fact that your passion may not be connected to making money. Yours may very well be hanging out with people you can share a few laughs and good conversation with, encouraging others or just appreciating life as it unfolds. Making money is necessary in order to pay bills and enjoy a few luxuries, but you have that covered with your day job. Relax and just learn to position yourself to use those extra "spurts" wisely, which means understanding your limitations and working around them.
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  • Profile picture of the author paul_1
    I'd like to agree with Mojojuju... Perhaps your passion is indeed apathy and disinterest... So perhaps your niche is helping people survive or stay out of apathy and disinterest... Or maybe perhaps you have just not found your interest yet, so just keep trying and it will come... If you've tried all activities to find your passion and nothing worked, maybe it's time to try praying if you believe in a Supreme being... Perhaps He will point you to the right direction...
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  • Profile picture of the author DigitalBusker
    It's easy to be de-motivated, you have found that out.

    You seem to want to taste a kind of success, yet the prospect of following a particular IM project to its conclusion holds little interest for you.

    I wonder if your usual day job brings quick rewards, not necessarily in the financial sense - you hint at being well paid or certainly you imply that you are content in that respect. Your home life is stable and you insist you are not a weirdo and in general your social life is successful. But something is wrong?

    You seem to have, almost, "everything," except what passes for passion. The reason I wonder if you struggle to fulfill the IM pastime is because of the overwhelming sense of isolation. If you were to look into it you might discover a need for recognition at quite frequent intervals, which would probably be quite normal by ordinary human standards. If you don't get that proverbial "pat on the back," every so often, you slowly begin to feel the endeavour is not worth the effort. The head may want to keep going, but once the initial feelings of excitement for a project begin to fade, (because of the lack of recognition?) the old Shuayb feelings start to reassert themselves and you revert to type?

    Two questions really. Why in the name of God do you want to do IM, I mean really? And.....How much faith do you have in humanity and yourself? (The last question is not really something you should be tempted to answer here, in writing.)
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  • Profile picture of the author alcymart
    I have gone through disinterest also at some point even though I couldn't replace my income. Then a few days after my stroke which almost killed me in 2006, I started thinking hard on what to do next...

    I had an arm and a leg paralyzed for life. I thought, well, I can still use my only working right hand to type and go online. I decided to become a teacher. Surely you must of learned something in the last 7 years about earning online. You could do like me and become a teacher and help all the folks online that are lost and lack passion in becoming teachers like you became and so on... I have network of thousands not only following my teachings but that have also became teachers.

    My teachings cover everything so how can you lack passion with such a project which has unlimited knowledge and brings you self accomplishment to you and others?

    PM me, we can chat more on the subject. Of course, you may decide to teach about things you know more and not get involved with my network, and that's fine, but the bottom line is you should get involved with everything and anything you know you succeeded at yourself, and simply become an online teacher like many folks here.

    Bernard St-Pierre
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  • Profile picture of the author aaaa33030
    Since you are a good writer but don't have a specific niche that you like you can simply write your thoughts.

    Build a blog and write your thoughts then just monetize the blog with affiliate offers
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  • Profile picture of the author Melanie Mendelson
    Who says you have to be passionate about what you do? When people turn their hobby (passion) into business, it stops being a passion and starts being WORK. There was a study where people got paid for playing video games, and after a while they no longer wanted to play video games

    Stop focusing on YOU, and focus on WHAT PEOPLE WANT. Figure out what's in demand, and sell people want they want. That's how you make money. It's not about you and fulfilling your passion, it's about fulfilling a market need.
    My WSO "10 Hour Website Creation System" - Tons of GREAT WARRIOR REVIEWS!
    ***MUST HAVE For Newbies =>
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  • Profile picture of the author celente
    you guys are missing the point.

    Hobbys or what interests you might not sell, or be a good niche.

    Stop meandering about and just get something out there.

    Stick to the ever greens, weightloss, health, wealth, relationships...and you will be find. Go to where the money is flowing!

    Seriously all this talk about what your passion is, is...well u know.... its not going to make you money. It also stops people from taking action. So go to where the money is, take action and just get something out there. Not only will you learn stuff, but you will make some sort of money. And that is more than the money you are earning right now
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    • Profile picture of the author GypsyButterfly
      I have diverse interests, so, have many passions. As for the one which will earn money, that's my writing. I've wanted to be a writer since I was 8(I'm 43). I've mostly created poetry & recently, erotica. Because of my husband's continued support & encouragement of me pursuing my dream(the first person in my life who has been that way)& also due to our current circumstances, I'm finally being motivated & determined. I'm starting on Fiverr, to hone my craft, see which genres I write best, get my work out there & bring in some funds. I'm also looking elsewhere for those who are willing to pay more.
      Versatile writer seeking projects. Will write as myself or ghost for you. Many different themes.

      My Fiverr Gigs
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  • Profile picture of the author geolocal
    Martin said it all, so there's not much to add ... really the only passion you need is to enjoy the game of making money out of thin air. Most people have no idea what it's like to make money without schlepping off to a job they hate. When I worked in Corporate America, I'd get depressed on Sunday nights knowing I had to go to work the next day. There's something very intoxicating about making money while you sleep. Sounds like passion to me!
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  • Profile picture of the author naturegirl321
    Seems like writing is your passion. Maybe try marketing that?

    Trying to make a living with TEFL Tips but it's not working. Any advice?

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  • Profile picture of the author trafficdial
    I'm afraid I don't have the answer but I'll tell you my situation. Years ago I got into IM just for the money. That was the only thing that motivated me. Over the years I have enjoyed tremendous success financially, and while I don't hate what I do I can't say I really enjoy it. For the past few years I've been trying to find something else to do that I actually enjoy, and I've dabbled in a few offline business ventures, but I've yet to find anything offline that I can do to make a lot of money the way I do online.

    Long story short, I've decided that I will continue doing what I'm doing online, and I've accepted the fact that I just won't "love" my work for the time being. I will simply get my enjoyment and satisfaction from everything else in my life - my family, hobbies, etc.

    The "follow your passion and the money will come" stuff sounds good at motivational seminars, but it's not reality. Many passions simply can't be monetized and scaled effectively. MJ Demarco talks about this a lot in his book The Millionaire Fastlane (which is actually a really good book despite the cheesy sounding title).
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  • Profile picture of the author Finch
    Funny the poster above me should mention MJ DeMarco. I actually just reviewed Millionaire Fastlane: The Millionaire Fastlane Review « Random Crap For Affiliates « Finch Sells – Affiliate Marketing Blog

    There are some moments of brilliance in what he teaches, and something that applies directly to the OP is his insistence that following your passion is rarely a good way to build a business. People don't get rich by following their passions. They get rich by discovering a gap in the market and and filling it, or by improving an existing service.

    Finding your passion is great, but it doesn't set you up for a successful career in Internet Marketing. It's better to separate the two, and use Internet Marketing as a catalyst to work towards financial freedom. With that freedom comes the time to discover and revel in your passions.
    Finch Sells: The Affiliate Marketing Blog of Your Wettest Dreams
    Grab my Free [50+ Page Survival Kit] of What Works Today
    ** - Affiliate Products to Build an Online Business, Take Over the World, etc etc **
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  • Profile picture of the author jaypoole
    Have you tried flipping web sites? It sounds as if you know a lot of 'stuff' and you say that you write good copy. In that case then flipping sites would allow you to get in - see things that need to be done, get them done and then move on..

    Each project can be different to stop you from getting bored - after all you decide what web sites you want to buy - so go for ones where your greatest skills can be put into use the most..
    arpReach user?
    Join us in the arpReach Moguls Facebook Group
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  • Profile picture of the author dave147
    Create a "Passion" read watch and learn about something, become an expert on it!
    There's your passion!

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    When You Get The 300 Logo Templates Here
    $500.00 in FREE Advertising For You Here

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    • Profile picture of the author sethczerepak
      You're making the mistake that keeps more entrepreneurs stuck than anything else. You're starting with the what instead of the who. Find a group of people you can relate with, then find out what they're already buying.
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  • Profile picture of the author jbsmith
    Funny how people think that you will automagically find a magical passion in your life and that somehow, without effort, this will turn into a pot of gold at the end of the Rainbow.

    Know that this is not a criticism of you, but rather how we are all taught to think by a personal development industry that largely tells it to us this way so they can continue to make money as we try.

    In my experience, here are the facts:

    1. Money is made by giving people what they desire, sometimes they are aware of this desire (they want to lose weight to look better), sometimes they are not (who would have predicted the interest in iPod - nobody came right out and said I wish I had a device that played music, was a phone and connected to the internet).

    2. THe process of finding or innnovating around market opportunity and then rolling out products/content and growing your business takes near superhuman endurance, determination, persistance and hard work

    3. So, what improves your chances of succeeding with #1 and #2 - passion for some aspect of what you do. That doesn't mean you have to be passionate about every aspect of your business, but the more passion you can bring, the more likely you will have what it takes to accomplish #2.

    Some examples:

    1. A 60+ year old grandmother who overcame a rather debilitating disease and then became passionate about sharing that with others - that passion to help others overcame the challenges she had with learning how to start a business, market online, her 60's - she certainly did not like all aspects of the business, but she was driven by the passion to help others

    2. I follow Wine Library guy Gary Vaynerchuck - he tells the story often of a passion for running his own business, having control of his own energy, time and earning potential as his PASSION. Wine was his first opportunity - taking the family business online so he became passionate about Wine NOT because he loved wine but because he knew this was the way he could run his own business.

    The lesson....find SOMETHING about your business you are passionate about (creative, solving problems, talking with people, networking, control, etc...) and then use that to drive the determination and persistance you need to get it done.

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  • Profile picture of the author markangelo7777
    You need to free negative vibes within your system. Live simple and appreciate small things. Learn to give and ask less.

    Learn How to Grow Taller and How to Get Taller Naturally.

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  • Profile picture of the author rainingproblems
    Tons of great information on here.

    I think we can all relate to the Original Poster of this thread. We've all been here. We've all been stumped at one point or another. Someone said something about information overload too. If you've been in IM for about 7 years, chances are that you've absorbed too much info, you wouldn't know what to do with yourself. Maybe, you still consider yourself a newbie. But I have to give it to you for not giving up. Keep at it, and you'll eventually be successful.

    {{ DiscussionBoard.errors[5605108].message }}
    • Profile picture of the author Shuayb
      Once again I want to genuninely thank everyone who helped me out in this thread, and those who took the time to write out step-by-step plans. I am in the process of implementing a lot of the advice given here and, God-willing, will report back with some positive results!

      Thanks again.
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  • Profile picture of the author Coolstro
    I have a free course called "From Passion to Profit" Day 1 I cover finding your Passion, click the link in my signature
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