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In the spirit of giving and being so enamoured by those who give freely of advice and information I hope it's okay to post here and draw your attention to a thread on the forum.

If I'm wrong in doing so I apologize, but reckon its a killer.

I haven't asked to OP John Durham if he was okay with it, but hopefully assume!!!that it would be within the parameters of TOS here and John as well.

It's a long thread, so know that in advance, anyway here it is...



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    That is nice, although you will find it a bit hard to get clients if you don't know anything about cold calls and how to market those sites. And he forgot to mention the fact that clients like to add things and change things. If you do have 100 clients at the end of the day, you will be buried under dull work everyday with people calling you over and over again. That's the price you pay for selling things at a low price.
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    Nice thread, even if it's from 2010, it still works and will continue to work. Makes me think even more about getting into "offline" business as well.
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    Thanks for the thread James. I was never really into local marketing, but this sounds great.
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