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I am running an adwords campaign for some very specific keywords.
It is set up as phrase and exact match.

When I type in one of these very specific keywords into Google search
Goolge brings me to the results page, but 90% of the time my ad
does not show up.

Any idea why?

I thought it might be my bid price, but I am the only advertiser for these
keywords so they shouldn't cost much. The few clicks that I do get are
costing me 50% less than my bid price.

Also my budget is high enough so the campaign is not stopping.

Any ideas are very welcome.

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    Hi Blase,

    Do you have the campaign set up to run through the budget as soon as possible?

    I find that if you don't have this option checked it will sometimes try and space your ads out to save the budget, regardless of whether you get near the end of the budget or not.

    Also, some people say you have to times you actual budget by 5 or 10 to get Adwords to show your ads frequently enough.

    Obviously, you're going to want to keep a tight watch on it, but I've found that expanding the budget like that gets my ads displaying almost all the time.

    Hope that helps

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      Hi David,

      I don't have the "Burn My Money as Fast as Possible" feature
      turned on.

      I'll try that.

      As far as budget it's really high, my average CPC is .05 and I have a
      3% CTR.

      I am going to go flip the switch to "fast".

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        Check in your campaign if your ads are showing and why not if they are not showing.

        If you have the same keywords in exact and phrase match google will only trigger your keyword for the exact match.

        Regards...Michael T.

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    Normally adwords says a minimum bid. THis can change after putting the ad on. Check adwords messages and it should point to the problem.
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