How many "hoops" does you traffic jump through?

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What's up everyone! This is my first post in the WF but I have by into IM hard for about the last 6 months. I really wanted to get everyone's opinion on something (mostly the article marketers)...

How many hoops does your traffic jump through before the merchant page?

I am thinking about starting a new campaign and here are my options:

1. set up a squidoo lens landing page and then write KW optimized articles that are sent to that landing page:

Ezine articles (indexed in google) ---> Lens (landing page) ----> merchant

Some people say that this is WAY too many hoops for traffic to jump through (my main concern). What do you think?

2. Write ONLY Ezine articles (which get a top listing in google) and direct link to the merchant. Some have said this is more effective because you can concentrate on creating more and more articles and then just have the merchant broker the deal - which is what their landing page is supposed to be good at:

articles (redirect) ---> merchant

3. This is the same as number 2. The only difference is that I would be using Squidoo instead of ezine articles. The good thing about this is the enhanced visual media you can add and the heading look way sexier. The bad part is that it seems to be WAY harder to get ranked with these.

Please note that I do not have the funds to do any outsourcing. I am going to be doing all the work by myself, so I really wanted to get your opinion on what would be a more efficient use of my time (and - of course - what would get the most sales)

I really look forward to hearing what everyone has to say!
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    Merchant, preferrably with a one click cart. More sales are lost at the

    "Are you really really sure you want to order this" page

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      So you think the campaign structure

      articles ----> re-direct link to merchant

      would be the proper way to approach this?

      (this merchant does have a one click cart which is a good thing :-)
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        "Squidoo is not the best choice for landing pages. It's full of ads and links to other pages. I suggest you get your own site/blog and make your own landing pages.


        Hey man,

        Here is what I am thinking...

        create the articles and simply re-direct to the merchant.

        If the conversions are not strong, simply take that re-direct URL and create a landing page with it instead of redirecting.

        The product sells pretty good (gravity 90 with almost no refunds) so I will know that a landing page will help if the conversions are crappy off the re-direct
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    Squidoo is not the best choice for landing pages. It's full of ads and links to other pages. I suggest you get your own site/blog and make your own landing pages.

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    It depends on your strategy.

    Yours is the typical "bum marketing" strategy which does work, but personally I always link to landing pages on my site because it boosts my rankings and my ultimate aim is to be no 1 on Google.

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      Yeah man, I definitely see where you are coming from.

      I think that direct linking at the start should be fine for 2 reasons...

      1. It will allow me to concentrate on creating more articles for keywords and creating backlinks so they rank very high (and stay there)

      2. If the converisons are very low at the beginning I can just take off the re-direct and use the url as the landing page (of course, I will need to change the resource box a bit but that is not a huge deal to me).

      This way I will still continue to get a lot of traffic to that particular url. So when I create the landing page I can optimize it for a certain KW as well.

      The important thing is obviously getting the articles to rank high and stay there. This will ensure that my income does not depend on how many new articles I write every day!
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      The one thing that you have to be careful about is direct linking with ezine articles. Ezine articles hates anything that looks like a sales page or is an affiliate link.

      In my opinion, you need to set up your own landing page. This way you have more control over what is going on. And always remember that you are not trying to sell anything on your landing page. You are pre-selling. Talk about how much the product has helped to accomplish whatever it is that the product does.

      I know a lot of people are using article marketing due to lack of funds but the investment for your own landing page is minimal if done right.

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    Dude, get an ugly blogger page with a sincere review/presell page and links in the body of the article. Squidoo has too many leaks for you to plug up. Just my opinion though, and you should test it for yourself.

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