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I have the home as my parent of my modules but my modules show up on the side bar as regular pages and doesnt have module 1 in front of it or module 2 etc.? Shouldnt it do this automatically if the home is the parent and they are set to modules?
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    I use optimizepress for my membership sites, and they have a pretty good tutorial video on that so check that out, it might help you. Wish I could provide some immediate help but I set up those sites a long time ago.
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    I know they have tutorials and I thought that if u set the home as the parent and the page as module 1 then it should automatically say module in front of it!
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    What did you call your pages? You should have named them Module 1, module 2 etc.
    When you set up your pages use the templates and make sure you are using the Membership pages templates
    also have you got your menus set up correctly in the Menus section that is part of wordpress. In there you will find you can set up different menus to be used in different sections
    I would go and watch the training Videos on setting up your membership pages. You can get to them by clicking on the link at the top right hand corner of the general settings page for optimizepress
    here is a screen shot of one of my membership sites I think this is what you mean
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    Ya man I did that and it basically shows the "children pages" underneath the navigation but there is no module 1,2,3 etc infront of them. I do have the members as the parent and the modules as children. I also have the correct templates picked out I have the children pages set as module 1. I watched the videos a bazillion times lol. BTW that pic you showed is the members home correct?
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      You have to actually name the pages
      Module 1 - whatever you want to call it
      Module 2 - Next page
      see screen shots below

      hope this helps
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    As Harrydog says, yes you need to name the page as "Module 1 - bla bla bla"

    Not everyone wants the word "Module" in the menu. I don't.
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    Thanks alot guys especially harrydog. I always assumed that it automatically labeled them as modules. No wonder I couldnt get it to work lol.
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