Web Writers: ways to get paid well for *ARTICLE* writing.

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Okay, so, I've seen a lot of threads lately about how to get paid decently well for writing articles. The general consensus seems to be that people who want articles simply for SEO purposes, are not willing to pay well for content, because they're really looking for the keywords rather than the content.

For a while, I thought that this meant I should just focus on direct response copywriting, giving up on articles completely. However, a couple experiences I have had with certain clients has convinced me it's still possible to get paid for well for article writing, provided the articles aren't meant as SEO fodder.

Here are, in my humble opinion, the best ways to get paid for writing articles. These aren't the be all and end all of paid article writing of course, but they are, in my opinion, the easiest strategies for making good money off of articles:

1. Target private clients who want to create a newsletter.

Newsletters require articles. Because newsletters are meant to be read by actual human beings, the articles need to be good in order to be effective. Therefore, you can charge decent rates for newsletter content, if you're a good writer. It helps to target clients in niches you know well, because you can position yourself as not just a writer, but also an expert.

2. Interview experts, write articles that cite and quote these interviews, then pitch to editors of actual publications.

I could have just said "write for actual publications," but that advice on its own is flawed, because I think that unpaid contributors are eventually going to drive rates for straight opinion pieces down to zero (sadly). So in the long run, journalistic style article writing will need to go the extra mile to really command money, and I think that interviewing experts will your articles that extra kick.

You don't need to interview a rock star to lend a little more credibility for your articles. All you need to do is interview someone who has a little bit of recognition in their field, like a doctor, lawyer, college professor, local politician, or anyone like that.

3. Write press releases.

Press releases are basically just one page newsy articles that cover some news item a client wants the press to know about. But because good press creates so much value for a client, they'll pay $50-$100 for a good one that the people in the newsroom will actually pay attention to. I guess these aren't technically "articles," but they're very similar, so if you like to write articles, you might like writing press releases, but you'll get paid way more money for it.

4. Submit articles on Constant Content.

Clients on that site regularly pay $50 for articles, but to be successful there, you do need to know which niches and topics to target. You can research this by checking in the site's discussion forums.

5. Pitch to blogs that pay contributors.

Some blogs will pay up to $50 for guest posts that really add value. FreelanceSwitch is one such example. You generally need to have established yourself somewhat to get these gigs, so only target blogs in areas where you have established yourself as either A) successful, or B) an expert.

6. Write reviews.

There are plenty of review-writing sites out there that pay decent money (see here: 55+ Get Paid To Write Websites To Make Money Writing Online ), and what's better, you can often get free samples of products when you do this gig. Also, reviews are generally pretty fun to write. There definitely are people in this market who try to pay peanuts, but there are more clients who realize that they get what they pay for, so you can get paid very good money for review writing.

7. Start your own blog and monetize it.

Well, obviously, the "how to make money blogging thing" is a huge topic in and of itself, but in general, the idea you build traffic by writing good content and promoting your site through blog comments, youtube videos and forum posts, and you monetize it with affiliate links and direct ad sales. See Yaro Starak's book, Blog Profits Blueprint: Blog Profits Blueprint by Yaro Starak | Make Money Blogging (note: this is not an affiliate link and the product above is free).

Note: adsense sucks as a monetization straegy; sell your own ads or promote products with affiliate links.

This is just a general introduction to my ideas on how to make money through articles, if you want to add some of your own, I'm sure a lot of people would be happy to hear them!
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    Thanks, Spydernetwork.
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    Are these what you are doing?
    New Women's Health PLR - IBS, Acne, Allergies, Walking, and Foot Health

    Affiliate Marketing Plus Email Marketing PLR -- Mobile Marketing PLR
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      Originally Posted by lisakleinweber View Post

      Are these what you are doing?
      Everything on this list is something I am either doing now, or have done in the past. The only exception is monetized blogging, but I know about this from guest posting and communicating with the authors I posted for.
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    Thanks for this free info! Some people actualy would put similar information in a wso and charge us for it...
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    I rarely write the average "SEO fodder" articles. My prices are higher, but people who actually want their content read by readers will pay it for good content.

    Even if you advertise in Warriors for Hire, you just need to position yourself better. Don't write for rock bottom prices and tell people WHY your content is worth it.

    A lot of people are afraid to charge more because of all of the $3-4 writers out there, but just remember that you are targeting a totally different customer base.
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    This is a really good guide.

    I'm leaning more on "blogging and monetization"
    personally because, quite frankly, it's easier.

    Writing content that pays very well and makes
    your clients happy is hard work. If people want
    to make real money writing; be prepared to go
    all out.

    And yes...

    you can make double to triple digits writing con

    the key to that is believing what you have to
    offer is worth the price and not being afraid to
    lose a client or two -- because you will.

    Most writers don't get paid well because they
    fear they'll lose business -- ironically, they lose
    business anyway working for cheap.
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      It's really about who you write for and, more important, how you find them. Positioning yourself as a copywriter instead of an article writer can help you get paid hundreds of dollars for the same amount of words which would normally only bring you $10 as an article writer.
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    Thank you for this very useful information. I have become intrigued with article marketing and I look forward to generating an income with this simple strategy.

    Learn Internet Marketing
    Join the Wealthy Affiliate Community

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    I think writers generally have a choice starting out, that is go cheap and get paid work or write a lot of samples or free guest posts and slowly establish yourself as a high-end writer.

    Your choice really depends on your current need for income and other commitments.
    Follow Pete on Twitter #SEO #Marketing
    "It's like if Einstein did SEO"
    "Much shorter than Shakespeare"
    "I would follow Pete over Jesus Christ himself"
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    Great info! Thanks for sharing your expertise.

    Asante George
    Quality Content that SIZZLES!

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    Thanks for the tips! I've been wanting to do some freelance writing, but it always seems like the only way to do so is to work for pennies (at least at first). I see posts all the time about not undervaluing your work, but not usually about actionable steps you can take like those listed here.
    Yes, "pheonix" is spelled incorrectly. There's a story behind this. If you're curious, just ask!
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      Originally Posted by pheonixrises View Post

      Thanks for the tips! I've been wanting to do some freelance writing, but it always seems like the only way to do so is to work for pennies (at least at first). I see posts all the time about not undervaluing your work, but not usually about actionable steps you can take like those listed here.
      Don't make this mistake. You do not have to start out writing for low pay in the hope that someday you will be able to raise your rates. It usually doesn't work.

      Position yourself where you want to be and charge accordingly. Any objections you raise to that are the objections you choose to raise.

      Write System - superior web content
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    Looking for help, seems like a great thread to ask -

    I'm a solid writer. I write pretty frequently for my own projects, and I'd like to take on a couple of small gigs for around $50-100. I don't need to make very much, but I do need a reliable source of around $100 a month while I finish up the project that I'm working on.

    I've heard some good things about the warriors for hire section, but it seems to be very much dripping with wordy self-promotion and shifty pitches. I'd just like to write a few articles for around minimum wage and help somebody out. I have no problem with offering higher quality writing for a little less than the going rate - I have a sign up right above my workspace that says "I AM THE COMPETITION" if that explains my philosophy towards pricing my work at all.

    Any advice is appreciated, I'll read and respond to everything but I definitely prefer advice from those that have recently worked in paid article writing. Thanks

    Fully self-employed. Nothing to advertise. Happy with life. There were cup noodles and hard nights along the way.

    Yes, it's possible.

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    hello!! if i may suggest, it doesn't make sense if you write articles. welll i don't know your writing capabilities but i feel writers are suppose to be respected and i fell sorry for those writers that charge less. i have some friends that just started writing online this year and they are already earning about 50nto 100$ per article. how? its all about confidence. you will always grow on the job. charge well. for more infor. get to writersmarket.com
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      Despite not having formal journalism education, I started accepting writing projects in a freelancing site a couple of years ago. Finding my first client was difficult because of the perceived notion that only American writers can put together a cohesive article. I'm guilty of accepting $4/500 word back then.

      Thankfully, my clients grew in number to the point that I even have to decline a few of them on some instances. The demand became my leverage in increasing my rate. More importantly, my clients trusted me with managing their websites and blogs. Some even trained me and provided me with paid SEO applications.

      I'm no expert but I have made a profitable living out of writing- especially considering where I came from. The best advice I can give is that you should take care of every single client who hires you. Make sure that you deliver within the deadline without compromising quality. Once you establish a positive relationship with your client, he or she will entrust you with bigger things and of course, a bigger paycheck.

      Hope that helps!
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    Good advice, Andy. Thinking out of the box can make a big difference in any freelance business.

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    Thanks for the great tips Andy. I used to write articles for clients too, and I understand what you're talking about. I've had clients who wanted their long-tail keywords used 10+ times in their articles! Naturally the articles read like crap, and naturally they want to pay pennies for it.
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    Great tips. Thanks for sharing. I actually got started in internet marketing by writing content for very little money and built up by investing it into other things.

    One way that is excellent for making good money as a writer is copywriting. People will pay a high amount of money if your copywriting skills are good!

    There is loads of advice on it in the copywriting forum here on the WF!
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    That's a very nice list of ways to get paid for writing articles Andy, nice of you to share it in here; I'm sure people will be inspired and some will even take action.

    But those people asking about how they can get paid for writing articles will have a hard time writing professional press releases and the likes simply because most of them are beginners wanting to make a quick buck. In order to write professional articles a certain level of experience is required and that comes with time (this is just an advice to those thinking they can simply join a writing platform and start getting paid).

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    Great post. It can be hard for newer writers to break into the quality market, and you've shown a few ways to get there. As some other members have said, it takes experience and work to get good enough to use some of these tips, but it's definitely doable.
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    Great information, thank you for the suggestions!
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