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Very quickly I'm gonna give you a way to get your blog post on the first page of the search engines:

1. Dowload SEO Quake for your Firefox or Google Chrome web browser. If you don't have either one of those web them.

2. Look for a keyword with a very high search volume, low competition using the Google Keyword Tool. Make sure the page rank (PR) is under 4 for the majority of the search results on the first page

3. When you find a nice keyword with a high traffic volume but low competition, it's time to start posting your blog. Create an eye-catching title that seems like the essence of what someone is looking for. For example, for a keyword "make money", an interesting title would be, "How To Generate $100 A Day And Make Money With Cash Machine Websites" People will click a lot if that is on the first page of the search engines and looks like the most interesting title.

4. Build back links for each blog post you create. You can use

Article marketing
(I recommend because they allow instant article approval once your registration is approved)
Blog commenting (I recommend looking up Ryan Deiss's eBook The Authority Codes to learn how to effectively use blog commenting)

Post a link to that specific blog post instead of your site. This gives people the answers they're looking for specifically instead sending them to your site with no idea where to get they're answers.

You may not get all your blog post on the first page but you may get one of the other pieces of content that links to your blog. If you do this to all your blog post, then you'll make the most of your article, video, forum, and other forms of content marketing.

Try this out and post a comment telling me what you think. Don't forget to follow me on twitter with the link below...
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    Thanks for sharing your techniques.
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