Using these amazing desktop software through my server - is it possible ?

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I have bought some great software,

ie. Link Builder, Video Submitter, and Google Indexer. The exact names I cannot remember, but they do these functions fantastically.

However, my computer is running slow because of the software I am using, and my slow internet.

I was wondering if there is a way, to install them onto my server, and access the software through my server. That way, it is running non stop, and not affecting the speed of my computer. - RAM etc.

Can anyone advise. I think the concept is Remote Desktop, but not sure whether it is a standard HostGator feature etc....

Thanks in advance,
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    I can tell you this, yes it is possible but you will probally need a programmer to do it. I do not think you can just upload and use unless the software was built that way.
    I have had a few programs reprogrammed to use on my server though, especially for membership sites.
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    yes of course you can, many people choose to do this for various reasons.

    You just need to rent a VPS, and yoU wont need a programmer it works just the same as your desktop PC, if you have them installed on your desktop PC you can install it on a VPS.

    I have bought some great software ............
    The exact names I cannot remember
    How can you not remember what you have bought? Strange


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    If your software is designed to run on a computer with a Windows operating system, you can simply order a VPS or full server with Windows installed on it, then install and run your software there.

    I don't use this setup but I know it's possible and a lot of people do it. To find out how, just do some searches online or ask your software vendor.

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    I believe there is a thread on WSO sub-forum on renting out VPS, so if you do want to look at that, I would suggest looking at it.
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    if your server is a windows 2003 or 2008 then you can, if its not it might be easier and cheaper to buy a windows VPS
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