How do IMers make money from Webinars?

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I've seen many webinars that IMers are doing for free but I never understood how they made money from them?

Would love to hear from experienced IMers.
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    Typically IM'ers do webinars to gain trust from the viewers watching. They give some free valuable information in hopes that you will like their style of teaching and purchase their course. They typically do this in a JV partner situation to target their partners audience. It's a great tool and has probably made a lot of people sales.
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    There will usually be an offer at the end of the webinar. Think of the webinar as an extended and very personal sales letter where the hosts have time to build much better rapport with the audience. A webinar will convert at a much higher rate than regular email. A webinar is usually a much better medium to sell higher ticket items such as training etc.
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    My friend has a site that's set up almost like a directory and he fills seats to each webinar by email blasting. People sign up and seats go fast. There are plenty of gurus out there that make tens of thousands of dollars a week doing this. I guess you just have to have some pretty good email lists.
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    thanks for the feedback guys - so it's like a long sales letter with the goal of gaining trust in mind.

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    You have the basics from the other people that have answered. I would add, that most webinars work on the same idea as the old fashion hotel meeting. But with a webinar, you can reach people from all over the world. Also, most are pre-recorded and set to play over and over. You do the work once, and it makes you money each time it is put out there.

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