Im setting up my first affiliate site

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Should i stay away from putting adsense on it?
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    If it's strictly an affiliate site, you should be concentrating on making affiliate sales, not Adsense earnings.. Adsense advertisements will only encourage people to click away from your site, not to click your affiliate links..

    My name is Rob and I'm the founder of Career Dreaming, where I help job candidates leverage the power of recruiters to find a new job.

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    Thanks that's what i was thinking also.
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    I agree with Rob. You are setting the site up to sell one product, and you want to keep the traffic on your site to sell it. Don't give them the option to go somewhere else.

    Good luck and remember you need to build your own list, to make a lasting income on the net.

    Your Friend in Marketing Ken
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    HI gonzotrucker

    If the site is brand new I would put some content on there and wait a little while maybe a month or so. Make sure you put the pages that the search engines want to see. That is:

    1. About me page. Tell a little bit about yourself and who you are so your prospects and customers can learn a little bit about you.

    2. Terms and conditions. You set the rules for your site. You can google terms and condition templates and get them for free.

    3. Privacy policy. You can also get them from google search fro free. Makes people trust you more though.

    When you have these in place, then work on good articles that teach people about a subject in your niche. About 5 good articles.

    Advertise your site.

    This can be done by writing articles and submitting them to article directories. It's free to do.

    Then sign up for an account with adsense. They will see that you are serious and will most likely approve you. Sometimes new sites are not approved.

    Hope that helps,


    Highly skilled, professional, passionate and experienced web designer For Hire.

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    Why would you put AdSense on it when you're trying to make affiliate sales? That's what the affiliate banners and links are for.
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    With this niche i will make more then enough off the sales alone. I dont want people getting turned off by adsense adds.
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    Good Luck. The first affiliate site I created was a disaster! Did poor keyword research, bad quality posts, sandboxed (out of frustration, lol) etc. What I would say is that if you don't see the results you thought you would before hand, don't give up! Since my first failure of a site, I then went on to launch several "product launch hijacking" sites which generated on average $600+ per site.
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    It doesn't matter if it is an affiliate site or a owner/creator type site, when I see adsense on a site the first thing that comes to mind is "why does this person who is telling me they make thousands of dollars need to supplement their income with adsense?"

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    Gonzo Trucker,

    It really depends on what style of site you're building. Are you just trying to get a quick score, get it ranked in Google and make afew bucks per day?

    Or do you want to make a substantial amount of money with it and grow it.

    While you can make a ton of money with Adsense (6 figures doable) you'll need a TON of content to pull traffic to make this happen or you'll need a bunch of Adsense style sites.

    You can ultimately put up both affiliate products and Adsense but if your site looks like one big ad most people will leave. Use Google's Heat Map to get the best idea where most people click at. Keep in mind you will want to test this for yourself but it's just a suggestion.

    I train students to build affiliate websites and make money online and one of the biggest mistakes I see is someone wants to make $100/day mininum and they only build one website that is very limited in what they can max-out their traffic with.

    So either build a bunch of smaller easy to get traffic sites and put Adsense on them or build a larger style more content heavy site and just keep adding pages of content to it and ranking each page in the search engines.

    I personally like affiliate style sites more than Adsense as it typically pays much better but this scares most people off as they usually won't see that instant 50 cents that Adsense pays out and will instead have to wait a few more days for that $10+ sale.
    Free - Create a Site That Will Make You Money - Today - Click Here.

    Michael S Brown
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