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I remember mentioning this before. But, with extensive searching I could not find anything about it. I have 1 dot com registered. Now what I would like to do is set it up as a main domain. Now I would love to create sub domains to try out different niches.

What would you all recommend.

A subdomain like

subdomain.maindomain.com or maindomain.com/subdomain

I really do not have the ability to invest in a huge amount of dot coms but can purchase a couple .info domains.

I just purchased hosting with hostgator. What would you recommend that I get started with?
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    Use a WordPress multisite with subdomain.site.com
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    I would honestly recommend that you focus on one niche to start with. I'm not sure how the subdomains would work (I know that the company my husband works for tried that to avoid looking as much like a content farm - which they're not - after Panda and it didn't really help much), but you would, in my opinion, risk getting overwhelmed and spreading yourself too thin.

    Sorry I can't say more about the technical aspects of setting things up like this, but from a focus standpoint I would put your time into really learning how to find a good niche and keywords. Even if that first one doesn't go as well as you hoped (it usually doesn't, to be honest), you'll have that experience under your belt and hopefully you'll be in a position to buy a strong new domain to go with your next project. A .info can still perform pretty well, so depending on your goals it might be worth your time to get one specific to the niche you want to try out.

    I suppose it would really depend on what your main domain is and how the other niches will fit in. I think this approach can work well when the main domain is a strong brand and the subdomains become like offshoots, but I don't know about a new site like this.

    lol, Just putting thoughts out there!

    Good luck, either way!
    Yes, "pheonix" is spelled incorrectly. There's a story behind this. If you're curious, just ask!
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    I am no expert at this. I use domain/subdomain and always have.

    If however, you look at Google, they tend to use subdomain.maindomain such as news.google.com or maps.google.com

    They know more about this than I do, so probably for better ratings in the SERPs you should use subdomain.maindomain

    Basically don't have any evidence of which works best.

    Just my thoughts,
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    if you want to try different niches then use a subdomain, subdomain.domain.com, each subdomain is treated as a separate domain so you want to make each niche separate from the other so you don't mix stuff and Google won't rank you since your site talks about everything and its not a huge authority site.

    As I mentioned the subdomains are treated like a separate domain so it won't carry page rank from the main domain but a domain/page would carry and will have impact.. but again if u r using different niches then use a subdomain..

    Make sure u r domain is generic, it won't make any sense if u have the domain cars.com and you create razors.cars.com.. u know.. btw I sent u a pm with the coupon code.
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    Personally I would recommend staying away from .info because they are so cheap they are commonly used by spammers and it's a well known fact that Google values them differently from .com .net and .org.

    Unless you are going to build authority sites out of a .info I would say you better stick with .com .net and .org.

    Subdomains....I have tried them and I do get way better and faster results with a separate domain especially if it has the main keyword that I want to rank for in it.

    I what I recommend you do is that you find a niche that people are looking to solve a problem... next find a keyword which is highly related to the niche that you found also the keyword must have high search volume and low competition and start building a site around that keyword.

    Make sure that you outsource about 50 articles and publish them once in 3 days. At the same time start building links to the inner pages.

    Building high quality links and publishing articles slowly will get you to the top of Google in record time.

    Once you have a site like this on the front page and start making sales invest that money back to create more websites like this one.

    It's way better to focus on one site and turn that site profitable then making multiple sites at the same time on sub-domains.

    For me this method has worked for years now so that's way a recommend this to everyone.
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      Originally Posted by Olson Mino View Post

      Personally I would recommend staying away from .info because they are so cheap they are commonly used by spammers and it's a well known fact that Google values them differently from .com .net and .org.
      Really? Please cite your source for all of us who seem to be getting special treatment from Google and are ranking .info's all day long in even heavy hitting niches.

      Thanks in advance!
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    I agree with staying focused on one at a time.
    Make it profitable and then move to the next one.
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    .info are fine if you do the SEO work on them. For subdomains, I would use
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    I personally prefer subdomains over subdirectories, especially for like blogs and forums.

    Subdomains also have an advantage too. Search engines treat a subdomain as if it was another web site.

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