What do you do on an average day?

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Hey Warriors,

What do you do on an average day?

I wake up at 6:30 and go to school, after school I spend some time with my girlfriend and going online to work (IM).
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    Login into ClickBank, 2Checkout, and PayPal.

    Hit F5 every 30 minutes. :p

    I kid of course.

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    I wake up at 2am since I work a 3am shift. I'm done by 11:30am. I usually take a nap in the afternoon. I get on the internet late afternoon-early evening.
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    I wake up 7am, check emails and answer them, check my affiliate trackings, research some post ideas, cruise forums and social media (great for inspiration) and help people, write a post or two but don't publish. That's basically my work schedule however sometimes do some articles for article marketing as well and some other things
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    How dare you call any of my days average?

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    My average day

    Wake up at 7:45 and finally get out of bed at 8:10.
    Have a game of starcraft commentary in the background while I get ready for the day job.
    Leave home at about 8:45 and arrive at work 10 minutes late.
    Browse warrior forums and various other information sources for an 2-3 hours, write articles for clients / my websites for the remaining 5. [Not doing any day job work]
    Get home at 6 and work on my websites the rest of the evening.
    Rinse and repeat 5 days a week and get more depressed every passing day.

    Im trying to get fired from my job to force me in a possition of 'figuring out affiliate marketing', I really hate working for other people.

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      We just had a baby and I'm off work for 3 weeks so I'm not really sure how it will go form here on in. At the moment it goes something like.. change nappy, feed baby, settle baby down to sleep, rinse and repeat for 24 hours a day.

      I imagine once I'm back at my day job it will be something like...

      7am: Wake up and shower, drive to work
      8.15am: Arrive at work for my 8am shift
      8.30am: Realise how much I hate my day job and look forward to getting home.

      4.30pm: Get home and spend some time with my son
      5.30pm: Eat dinner
      6pm: Do a few chores
      6.30pm: Play with my son for a while.
      7pm: Work on IM for 1.5 - 2 hours
      9pm: Spend time with my fiance and my son.
      11.30pm: Bed
      3.30am: Get woken up by screaming baby.

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        i love ring2media too!
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      I'm 18 and still a student in high school and im always very stressed. I sent them an inquiry as I want to be a private student. They disapproved it.. -.-'

      I never learned anything in school, if I want to learn something I put out my books and learn, so school is waste of time for me, I could graduate without spending 7 hours each day in school. And the best: I already make lot more than my teachers lol.

      Originally Posted by solado View Post

      I really hate working for other people.
      And I fully agree with you, why would somebody waste his life instead of living it? I want to be free and happy, and not to be a slave.
      Boom shakalaka!
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    Wake up at 7:30am. Work my day job between 9:00am and 5:30pm.

    Go to the gym / eat by 8:00pm.

    My online endeavors from 8:00pm until 01:00am.
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    Well i get up at about 9.00, have a bite to eat, then spend most of the day working on IM with a few breaks here and there.. Might watch a bit of TV if there any good factual programs on or practice my spritual devolment etc.... then to bed n at about 00.00 n sleep again... rinse and repeat

    Peace Barry
    Barry's Blog n Internet Marketing Tips

    "Everything is Relevant" - Barry Fenner
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    Average day? Isn't that what a job is for?

    My typical day: wake up, make money, have fun, go to bed.

    Sometimes I change the order.

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    Wake up at 7 AM
    After Breakfast will Hangout with my girlfriend till noon.
    After Lunch from 2PM - 1 AM I will be wondering in IM world.
    USA Bank Account + ATM Card for Non-USA Residents Service PM me
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    wake up at 6:20, go to work, do my work as well as IM work then go to gym, get home, shower, IM, then finish off with a great movie!

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    Average day: Always improve myself

    Bad day: Always improve myself

    Good day: Always improve myself

    Always improving myself in a very general way - it can be physically, spiritually, financially, emotionally..

    Things that I usually do to improve myself:
    1) Read
    2) Jog & gym
    3) Online marketing
    4) Bible studies
    5) Seminars

    Making it a habit to always improve myself no matter how bad my day is.
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    Ge up in the morning, have a breakfast with my family members, brush my teeth and other similar stuff, go to school or start posting around on the WF like crazy (if it is a day off). Then I do other funny things on the Internet like building a list, working on my sites, PPC campaign management, etc.

    I'm of course only mentioning stuff related to marketing (except for the teeth-brushing part, lol).
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    I wake up at 7AM.Then I sleep again and wake up at 2 P.M ....lol
    Sell Dreams, Not Products
    - Steve Jobs
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    Wake up anywhere from 4:30 am to 8am depending on the circumstances and spend approx 10-12 hours learning or implementing IM techniques for a few months. Then I take time off...usually around a month to six weeks and travel and relax. Working and relaxing in large blocks on time works best for me. Automation is my best friend.
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      Wake up, go to school, go to the gym, go to football training and spend the rest of my time with family and making money online.
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    I wake up, eat, workout, do online business, cook, and chill with my girl for the rest of the day.

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    wake up between 6am-10am
    go to bed between 2-5am
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    I wake up and take a crap in my golden toilet. After that 3 beautiful women have the duty to bathe me. Then I take the elevator to my kitchen to see what my chef is cooking for breakfast.

    I eat a 5 star meal, get dressed and jump in my Bugatti just to start it up. I get out of the Bugatti and get in my Ferrari just to sit in it. Then I get in my brand new 2015 BMW 8 series coupe and drive off. I hit the gym with George Clooney then I call my broker to see about my stocks.

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