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There r probably threads about this already but I'm going to post this anyway. I made a YT video a while back but its in a pretty competitive niche... Now, how do I rank my YT videos in YT? Do I try to get a lot of views? A lot of Likes? Comments? Subscriptions? Does any of this matter at all or should I just start building backlinks to my YT url?

Of course having my ranking keywords in the description and tag sections of the video should be done... but what else?
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    I have found unless you just have a unique video that websites pick up on then you need alot of views to make it viral. I do not know the number but once I hit a hundred thousand it usually takes off. I don't know if there is a like youtube pulse page that shows the most views or not.

    But to get mine going I buy about 100,000 views and then I can get several a day or more depending on the video.

    If it's a review video you can usually do without buying if its quality and keywords are right, same with instructional videos.
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      Originally Posted by hustlinsmoke View Post

      But to get mine going I buy about 100,000 views and then I can get several a day or more depending on the video.
      Any good place to get this kind of views to a good price?

      Also, do I put my keywords in:
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    fiverr and it takes time, I should say too that just do it on one or two videos. The others will get views from the ones being boosted.

    Like now I have three videos I'm paying for views on. Cost me 15 bucks for 50,000 views each. They have about 3000 views each so far. But the two other videos I just put up already have about 30 views a piece.
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    Ranking in YouTube is not much different to any other SEO. Make sure your video has got keywords in the title. Make sure you've added a keyword-rich transcript. Promote the video (not just on YouTube) and get link build to it.

    Content doesn't usually promote itself. Even the most compelling content needs a push to start the momentum. Interact with other relevant people on YouTube and other social networks who would be interested in your content.
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      Thanks Ben, good tips!
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      Ok... thanks for all your help guys!

      Really helpfull. I have added some text to the description now, addning keywords and some related (LSI) as well. Social bookmarks, views and some likes... this will probably take a few days to get but it's on the move

      Let's see what happens...
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    2 words for you mate... social bookmarks.. i have my whole business around utube.. and all like and stuff doesnt work... just get consistent bookmarks and u will start seeing ranks.
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    I will advice you to use video sitemaps, they will hep you a lot
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    fiverr is awesome. I also prefer it to hire for small services.
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    Hey John, it depends on the video. But in general:

    1. keyword in title
    2. keyword in tags
    3. keyword at the beginning of description (after the url if using) - description
    4. LSI keyword right after the main keyword (in quotes) - description
    5. related article with lots of relevant keyword in it - description

    6. Strong YT channel (a lot of views, subscribers, backlinks, friends, comments, full profile)
    7. Get some view to your video, also likes and comments
    8. Boost the video with backlinks (in YT SEO you can use the spam backlinks - the best are comments - this won't hurt your video but you need to get them indexed)

    That's it. Some of you might not agree with me, but this is what works for me. And remember that getting views, likes, comments, indexed backlinks takes time. And I use enhanceviews.com for free views and subscribers.

    NOTE: YT have been deleting some videos and accounts because of the spam comments on your video and fake subscribers. Be careful.

    hope it helps
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    I read somewhere that YouTube uses three criteria to rank your videos initially

    • Title of your video
    • Description of your video
    • Tags you assign to your video

    Number of views begins to play a factor once the video ages slightly. I've seen mixed results for whether the popularity of the channel that uploads the videos has an impact on rankings or not.

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    In my experience, comments and likes work best, but views are also very important.
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    Comments, Likes, Subscriptions, Favourites.. I guess all matters right? Then some good 'ol backlinks to the YT url... interesting what ppl say
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