I released my own product... Should I try to build my list from my sales page?

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Hi everyone,

I just recently released a brand new product. I know that "the money is in the list" so I was wondering...Should I try to collect Email addresses from my sales page? I am a little confused about this...I know a sales page should just be trying to SELL...So should I set up other mini sites trying to get email addresses? Or should I just do this on the main sales page?
A lot of people seem interested...but if I get email addresses am I stealing from my affiliates?

What do you all usually do?
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    You can do this on the main sales page it's works great.

    But the way of capturing the email address will differ. You can give away some free stuffs like report, audio, videos ask them to enter the email address to access the free stuffs, many interested people will sign up easily to get the free stuffs you offering.

    You are not stealing anything from them unless you are not spamming them & rent their email address to someone for cash. Remember always provide valuable information to your list.

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      I was thinking of giving away a limited version of my software... Do you think that would be OK?

      I was also thinking of maybe giving away some free recipes, audio clips from my system, or maybe articles about bartending....

      I really don't know yet...

      What would you want?

      Also I want to make sure I'm not screwing over my affiliates...

      What if they sign up for my mailing list (through an affiliate link) and decide to buy a month later?

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        I think that giving free info away is a great idea as long as it is closely related to what you are selling and of interest to your target market. I am personally turned off by sales pages that offer more bonuses than the product is worth.

        Denise Lorraine

        Denise Lorraine - Web Writer. http://www.goodwriterservice.com

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          Forgot to mention that your free report also ought to be of such high quality that you could sell it. It should be something you are proud to put your name on and that your readers will get real value from if you hope to use it to establish trust and build a relationship with your subscribers. I've downloaded a one page xerox copied list of home businesses that appeared to be quickly slapped together and I was totally unimpressed. You want your reader to be so impressed that they can't wait to see what else you have to say.

          Denise Lorraine

          Denise Lorraine - Web Writer. http://www.goodwriterservice.com

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    Yes you can set up a lot of mini-sites both to sell the product and to get opt-ins. There is no problem you are selling your own product and the affiliates will also sell it, I'm sure they would expect you to sell it yourself.
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    You can offer a 30 day free trial of the software for anyone opting to your list. Send them two free recipes per week. In the last 10 days send them a few reminders that the trial is ending and offer some bonuses, videos etc to sign up.

    If someone signs up to your list through an affiliate link, monitor this and pay the affiliate for the lead or the sale.

    If they don't buy the software keep sending emails out regularly with free stuff for at least one year.
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    I don't think you should collect emails on your sales page.

    I've tested this method and the sales reduced by approx 30%. Mostly because your prospects should have only 1 option that they can "click" on your sales page.

    If you want to give them a free trial, then give that only, on your sales page and when it expires they will buy or not.
    If you give the free trial and also have the buy option on the sales page a large number of prospects will just take the free trial, so again why not just give them the free trial as the only action they can take on the sales page, this will increase your conversions by alot, and you can market to them as they try out the software.

    Offering free support, send them a surprise bonus etc.... People like to feel that you somewhat care about them. And if your software is good and you followup with them on the trial period, people will buy it.

    You make your own decisions, but if you ask me, its a bad idea.
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    You should be including IN the product download an incentive to join your list.. so while others are selling for you, you are building the list in the long run.

    otherwise, you can't really focus on the goal of a great product... you have to do this piecemeal instead of tackling everything at once

    But you will be building a list for future sales to these buyers, which you don't have to share with anyone...
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      See...the problem with offering the whole (software) product for a month is that it is a learning product...a product that should teach you everything you need to know in a month...there really is no upsell to the product. It is a speed learning system with 10 different volumes...maybe I should just offer 1 volume?

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    The answer is to TEST.

    You need to test what effect having a name capture on your sales page has on your conversions versus say a pop-up name capture etc

    I have a lot of sites in a lot of niches and the results of the testing can be different for different niches, different copy etc. Therefore the only answer is to test this on your own sales page.

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    I don't know if your product is an ebook, but you could consider giving a sample on the sale page.

    Or a pop exit with a gift, and collect email addresses.

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    Collect the email address after they purchase that way it's not a distraction when it comes to buying.

    After they purchase and they get taken to your download page, include an opt in box with a reason for them to opt in.
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    On your sales page you need them to focus only on that, once they have made a purchase then you can try and capture their email address. This way you also build that 'quality' list of buyers, people you know who have actually spent money on your product. Treat this list like gold!
    Once they have mad a purchase and they have reached your download page then add an opt-in form and tempt them with free updates to your products or a free bonus.
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    Do not put it on your sales page because those popups (if that is your plan) are very annoying to many people, no matter what you give away..

    You should use a squeeze page or post a free WSO for it.. I would not defame my sales page just for some opt-ins. You will gain many more opt-ins by using other methods and keeping it off your sales page.

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    Just a quick addition to what you have been thinking.. To create money.. ie. sales from your product you need to create desire.
    Ask yourself " is your product creating desire in your customers?" Desire really is the engine that drives your sales.


    Nikki Cooper
    Live The Life You Love

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    Seems like someone has been watching the Frank Kern video!
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    You can certainly collect opt-ins from your sales page, but I'd stick with one of two ways...

    1. The squeeze page before they enter your sales page. This is what Armand Morin, Tellman Knudsen and others do.
    2. An exit pop-up or "hover" when the person tries to leave. That way you're not annoying buyers--just those trying to leave.

    Don't try to offer a free opt-in ON the sales page. That's a big mistake. You want the reader to take ONE action on your main sales page--buy your product. Failing that... get their opt-in with a script like Robert Planks "Action Pop-up", if you didn't get their email with a squeeze page.
    Joshua Aaron Stanley, The 'Spiritual' Copywriter:
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    I think there are good and bad points to collecting leads on a sales page.

    Good - you can follow up with them and close more sales.

    If you have a raw link to the sales page in your follow up emails (not using your own affiliate link), the affiliate who referred them should still get credited with the sale..as long as the customer hasn't cleared his/her cookies as as long as the cookie is not expired.

    But be careful...a "pop up" can have more negative effect than postive. If you have an optin box in a non obtrusive area on your sales letter, then it would be fine.

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    I agree with procopywriter. You should have a squeeze page with an opt-in form. Have your autoresponder send them to your sales page after they opt-in. Make sure you mention a bonus waiting for them on "the inside" whether they buy your product or not. =)
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