Can someone create a product around this? I'll buy it!

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I'm really interested in how to create professional looking videos such as this one:

I like the white background and the simple graphics as well as the presentation by Ramit - he's really got his stuff together. Has anyone created a product on how to master video in such a way?
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    Search the warrior forum and type in the keyword "make videos" or "produce videos"

    I recall seeing a few wsos on this subject.

    eric w
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    You can learn a lot by reverse engineering Ramit's video. But ALL of what he did is achievable with a reasonable camera and microphone.

    Here are the elements in order you should pay attention too.

    1. Script. I'm pretty certain that this video is scripted. It's very focused - and there are no hesitations in his sppech or giveaways like umms or aahhhs. That means you may have to use an Autocue. There is software for that.

    2. Audio. Lavalier microphone - either cable or wireless. You can get excellent pro quality mics for $150/200. Audio quality makes a massive difference in perceived video quality. A scratchy sound track will kill your video in its tracks.

    3. Camera. This is a one camera shoot. Maybe even in one take. The camera 'jumps' can be done purely by splicing the video and 'zooming' in your editing software. I use iMovie - but there are excellent PC editors that are less than $100. Oh, and the camera is on a tripod.

    4. White Screen and lighting. You need somewhere to shoot and you need to get a white backdrop. (Search on Amazon). And you'll need some lighting to light both you and the backdrop.

    5. Editing. All of the transitions and cuts can be done in iMovie. And I assume the PC equivalents.

    (You could swap 4 and 5 round - depending on your budget and exact requirements).

    I found a video for you that gives you a beginners guide to how to film yourself and getting rid of beginner level mistakes.

    It's worth watching - especially for the Tic-Tac-Toe segment.


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    It would take a big product to explain everything, not the usual .pdf

    Paul pretty much broke it down for you, if you really want to invest the time, you can research the topics on your own, it's not hard to master.

    However, since it's pretty much my area of expertise, as an online video producer and film production student, you just gave me a cool product idea
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