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Hi all

I just want to state straight off that this isnt a ploy to get traffic

Last month january 2009... i had 7300 hits on my website thats in my signature and 5500 of them were unique. roughly im gettin 300 uniques a day at the moment. Obviously i build themes for Prestashop, and i dont feel real comfortable giving out sales stats... but i am only making about $100 a week.

Can anyone give me some tips on what i can do on my site to convert more? even if its not themes.

I recently added the clickbank product for dropshipping... had about 15 hops... still no conversion on that.

Any help would be appreciated

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    Have you tried adsense?

    Most people who look at website templates are trying to make websites, most people make websites to make money (not all just a figure), I would try some good IM niche products on there just as a test. If anything you could alternate products alot and see which one is converting best ETC, ETC.
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    Hi.. thanks for the fast reply

    Do i get enough traffic to sell ads on the side? if s how much would i charge?

    I might try an adsense banner... i tried to stay away from ads cause i thought i would make more off the themes
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    Do many people make money with wordpress themes? There are soooo many decent free ones out there.

    Do some themes sell better than others? Put the top selling ones at the top.

    Do you have a list? Give away a cool theme or 2 or some ebook to get people to opt in to your list. Then market to your list. Everytime you make a new theme email your list about it.
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    Put an optin form on your sites inorder to capture all that
    traffic your getting daily and start regularly emailing them
    some free content hence build a relationship with them
    and then after a while promote an offer to make money.

    To get your traffic to subscribe/opt in, create a free newsletter
    and/or offer something of value for free.
    Click Here For My Free Report (No Optin Required) Which Reveals A Cool Way to Make Money With Free Stuff!

    Discover Little Known Ways To Make Money - Click Here!
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    i thought about flipping it but maybe its to specialised (i.e. theme creation) to sell
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    Try CPA offers such as free ringtones, games, or gift cards
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