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Not looking to throw out a sob story here so to make it short and sweet ... I was told by a doctor, in the last year, I would not be able to do physical labor ever again.

I am the type that actually enjoys activities that most would consider work.

WE use a fireplace as an alternative heat source. My wife likes the esthetics of the fire and I enjoy the type of warmth only wood heat can provide.

For the last month it has really bothered me each time I pass the wood shed. Okay, it bugs me to no end that I am paying someone to fill my shed with wood when it was once a chore I really enjoyed.

I am getting to the marketing lesson.

Today I decided to cut my own wood. I load my saw into the 6 wheeler and go to the far end of our property to cut some standing dead trees.

Now Paul H Bunyan had recently put out a WSO about the proper way to cut firewood. His step by step went like this ...

Start saw. Fall tree to the ground. Cut Tree into lengths that will accommodate your heat source. Load into your mode of transportation. Split pieces that are too large to handle. Place in shed.

Even though this is a proven method. Even though hundreds of Warriors are raving about the authority Paul H is ... It just didn't work for me.

My left side is still extremely weak. I got the saw started and the tree fell but that is where his plan went to crap.

I could not push the saw as he suggested with my gas hand. I had to finally push the saw with my legs. If I cut the logs into the recommended size, I could not load them. I had to actually curt the logs in to vertically and diagonally to be able to load them.

Splitting them had to be done by machine (he never mentioned that). I finally did get the wood into the shed.

Now what is the purpose of this yarn?

First .. remember I told you I had a doctor tell me I could never do what I accomplished today? Anytime you want to improve your lot in life, you will find a nay-Sayer.

How many post have you read on here stating 99% fail? How many have told you to get a real job? Some of those people's opinions matter to you .. don't they?

How many post have you read here stating it is impossible to make a certain amount in a certain time .. especially if you are a new marketer? BS!

Don't listen to those who have accepted failure and want to pass that attitude on to you.

Now let's not forget Mr. Bunyan's WSO.

You see, everything he wrote was very doable for me a year ago, today it is not. I had to take his process and add components that made it work for me.

I admit, unless Don Or Jeremy put it out, I haven't purchased a WSO in 2 or more years. I am sure there is some crap posted there. I am also sure there is some very valid information there that many have tried to follow step by step and failed.

Instead of going to Paul's thread or even worse, breaking rule one and calling him out in open forum, as in most things in life, I find it better to look at myself first.

I can extend upon his information and make it work for me. There is no reason his system would not work for the average person.

Before you ask for a refund, try the system. If your shortfall is breaking the success, figure out a way to make it work with your limitations.

Don't listen to the failure mongers. Work through the pain and discomforts associated with ultimate success. You can sit back and be proud when the woodshed is full.
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