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A little while ago I saw a post/thread from someone asking if a
10% clickthru rate was good or not when it came to them promoting
an offer to their subscribers via email... I think they said 10% if
I remember correctly...

Anyway over the last week or so I have been looking at my overall
clickthru rates with every email/offer I had sent out to my own list
and it got me curious as to how I'm doing compared to others who
have a list to market to.

And I was wondering if other marketers on this great forum would be
kind enough to share this info here to help others know what kind
of clickthru % is good, great or bador that one can expect on average?

Hence my questions...

What kind of clickthru rates (%) are you getting when you send
an email/offer to your list or lists?

Now I know this will vary depending on many factors ie. your relationship with your subscribers, whether the offer is free or at a price, is something of interest to your subscribers, email sales copy, etc but I'm sure other
marketers and I would be interested to know

1. Whats the lowest clickthru rate you have had?

2. Whats the best clickthru rate you have had?

Would you be willing to share this info??? If not no problem.

Thanks for your time.

Best Regards,
PS. Heres my info to start:

Month - January 2009
lowest clickthru % - 2%
best clickthru % - 57%
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    You are right about the results varying. I have had list that have a click through rate in excess of 10% and some that were under 3%.

    If you are offering good content and info to your list your click through rate can be great. On the other hand, if they know there is a sales page on the other end of the link because that is all you ever send, your click through rate will suck.

    I now always offer quality info to my lists. I don't promote every single new product that comes out. I am very picky as to what I try to promote through my lists.

    It is all about building trust. If you are trying to cash in on your list once a week, they will figure it out.

    Treat your list as if they were your family or friends. Only offer what you think will help them out with what ever problem your niche addresses.

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    It really depends on whether you have a `broad`target e-mail list, or a highly targeted list. For example, if you have a list specifically targeted such that people are interested in baby diapers, and want to buy baby diapers, and you offer them a coupon to get baby diapers, then chances are you`ll have a very high response rate.

    If on the other hand, your list is composed of say, internet marketers, you might get one sale, if that, if say one of those marketers was looking for that.

    So it really depends.
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    Thanks Doug & Jonathan for your input...much appreciated.

    And Yes, I totally agree it depends on many factors but I'm asking
    for anyone willing to share their own personal stats...

    ie. Whats your lowest and best clickthru rate (% of subscribers clicking on your link in your email?)
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