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Hi everyone - I'm brand spankin' new to this forum. I was doing some Google searching and found a link to the website and was happy to see an Internet Marketing forum that was incredibly active.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and I hope to contribute to the conversation as well (and likely) learn a TON!!!
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    welcome to the worlds biggest INTERNET MARKETING FORUM....LEARN RESEARCH AND APPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!BEST OF LUCK
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    Welcome WVP, you definately came to the right place, there is a mind of info on here.Good luck with your search.


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    Welcome Ron. This is definitely a forum with tonnes of information. Questions got answered within seconds after being posted.

    All I can say is Awesome!!!

    And welcome to this big family.
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    Welcome Ron! I don't want to "scare" you from the beginning, but I'd say you should use your common sense on this forum, some people here just talk the talk unfortunately
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      Thanks everyone!

      @Eduardo - Thanks for the advice. I know what you mean regarding talking the talk. lol I'll be on guard and use common sense.

      Ron Desi
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    Welcome Ron! You'll learn a lot here. I would suggest you to go through the threads that are interesting for you and if you want to learn more about some topic use the search tab in the top menu.

    Enjoy the forum.
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    Welcome to the forums. I know you will have good time here.
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  • You can learn all you need to right here. Pick a model and stick with it until you know everything there is to know about it.
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      Welcome Ron to the WF get stuck in and learn heaps!!!
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