Why we should all understand that customer service is important

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Before I go any further we all need to realize that people talk.

Today we live in a world where most companies treat their customers like a royal pain in the butt and try to keep us as far away as possible (outsourcing customer service abroad and robots talking to us on the phone when we have a problem both spring to mind)

I would like to highlight what a simple gesture like opening your mail and responding to it can do (obviously we would use email )

OK so I logged onto facebook today and on my wall I saw a photo that my friend had liked. It looked like a letter so I clicked on it and here it is:

So someone writes in with a question and the dude writes back with a reply and a little gift.

Would have took him a couple minutes to write the letter!

Now let's have a look at the response:

Over 22 thousand people liked it and 4607 people shared it

Why am I telling you this?

Well the customer received good customer service and decided to tell their friends who told their friends and so on and so on, and it all stemmed from:



Don't you think you owe it to your business to provide at least some level of customer support!

You never know how far word of mouth can go (and its more likely to get further if its a bad word said about you)

Hope this made you smile (it did me )
Enjoy the rest of your day

PS. Ill zoom in on the photo in the next post so you can see what he said
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  • Yes, that's very cute.

    I wish I received charmingly innocent mail like that in my ecommerce business. It would make business a lot more fun. Sadly people are usually contacting me trying to get something to which they are not entitled, such as a free replacement for a product they bought elsewhere. Not much room for charm or whimsy there, alas.

    Which is why I've outsourced my customer service to Amazon.

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    This is so true and funny as it is people will talk about you 10 times more and faster if they are not satisfied with you.

    If they were satisfied it just kind of stays back in their mind and some day when someone asks for a referral for your type of business they might say yes there was this company I used once and they did a good job.

    But if they are not satisfied they will go out of their way to talk negative about you. Call and warn their family and friend. Shout from the roof tops and so forth.
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      Originally Posted by MobApps View Post

      This is so true and funny as it is people will talk about you 10 times more and faster if they are not satisfied with you.
      Exactly the point I was trying to make


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    The rule of thumb offline is that usually 1 person will tell 10 other people about their experience with a company. Then those 10 will tell 10 more and so on and so on. Do you want those 10 + 10 + 10 etc. people to hear good things or bad things about you? It's something to always keep in mind when dealing with customers.
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    No doubt about it. It is most important to first avoid dissatisfaction, and then try to actually go out of your way to satisfy customers with your service.

    Such acts of amazing customer service have the potential to go viral on Facebook, creating a lot of good will for your business. Of course, most of us would not receive such a letter to be able to reply to and get the attention of the world, but the least we can do is respond to every email we get in a friendly and efficient manner.

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      Originally Posted by YasirYar View Post

      Such acts of amazing customer service have the potential to go viral on Facebook, creating a lot of good will for your business.
      But is it really an amazing act of customer service?

      Or has it gone viral because we all receive such poor customer service on a daily basis that when somebody actually provides customer service we "think" it's amazing.


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    I saw that post too. Cute letter from a 3 year old. Up for the company who replied to the letter Even if she's 3 years old, she is still considered as a costumer.

    Up for this post, TS

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    I also saw that letter posted on Facebook and I think it is so sweet.

    I remember one time when I was about 8 years old I was riding my bike in my driveway when a cop pulled in. He gave me a coupon for a free ice-cream as a reward for wearing my helmet.

    People think of Customer Service as something for adults but it is also important for companies to take the time and acknowledge all of their customers.
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    wow, Its so cute. He even write his age with the same style with the girl (age 27 and 1/3)
    Great customer service!
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    It is definitely a really nice one.
    But we all need to understand that having great costumer service is one of the most important things. look what it can do.
    Now we all think that "Saynssssssburysssss" is great

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    Nice sharing. Costumer service is very very important.
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    it all comes to customer support if you are doing it online or offline.
    People do talk and sooner or later only those who really care about their customer will make all the money.
    I found that hard way few years back starting doing online marketing...but luckily realized it and from that moment it went up.
    Yes I do have to work harder that my neighbor who doesn't care about his customers and only sees the money, but at the end of the day I am more rewarding with money and appreciation from my customer.
    Customer is KING...
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    What a great story. The company deserves to go viral on Facebook for that one.
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