Wondering if haters have a lot of disposable income.

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After perusing a bunch of comments by all the haters I found on various national news forums this evening, and feeling somewhat downtrodden by the obvious collapse of civility and humanity of our culture, I decided to Google the phrase: "Why are there so many haters on the Internet?" and found 13.5 million results. Wow... I think I just found a new, huge niche! I'm wondering whether this particular demographic has much in the way of disposable income. Can the terminally angry make me rich? :p (Hmmm...maybe they're angry because they have no money) ... or maybe they simply hate for fun! The mind is whirling... how to cash in on this nasty bunch of discontents. Perhaps I could build out the domain, www.dogtrainingforhaters.com or 'sixpackabsfornastypeople.net....hatersweightlosss ecrets.org...haters-forex-secrets.com...wow, this could be a goldmine! I could learn to love haters! Now, wouldn't that be a hoot...might even pi$$ them off even more! I'm no 'mother Theresa' but I think I can and should add a new resolution to my short list for 2012: "Thou shalt not hate." At least not online. And if I am not strong enough not to hate, then I'll keep it to myself and retain some sense of dignity and humanity.

You might hate this comment and if you do, that's okay; hope you don't mind if I don't hate cha back Thanks for the ideas and inspiration!

[That said, the inspiration for this post came from news sites like CNN and abcnews.com; certainly not this forum. I find the Warriorforum to be one of the more civil forums online; that's why its one of the very few on which I ever make comments.]
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    Now that is interesting.

    Reminds me of a site several years ago that made a killing. If memory serves me correctly it was something like thejerk.com or something like that. Maybe someone else remembers that but it made a lot of money just being a big jerk.

    Go figure.
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