** IDEA: Offering Your Product For LESS Than Asking Price To Affiliates **

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What do you think of this idea?

Step 1: The affiliate signs up for your affiliate newsletter on your affiliate page.

Step 2: Send the affiliate a clickbank link to buy the product for LESS than asking price. Maybe specify a time limit if you wish.

Step 3: The affiliate does his/her typical marketing with a hoplink to your site AND a "direct buy link" to buy the product at a discount for a limited time.

Thanks in advance!
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    Well, offering it to your newsletter subscribers at a reduced price would be a way to interest them in actually buying the product and using it prior to marketing it with their affiliate link. (How many wanna-be affiliates actually spend the money to buy the product they are trying to market?)

    Charging them something for it would help keep out those who are just looking for a freebie, too.

    Might be a good idea. Lose a little on the front end but more than make it up by gaining even more affiliate sales later.

    I tend to recommend products I've actually used and liked. Once I know what I'm talking about, I sign up as an affliate and help market it. Trying to sell something you've never really used is doing your customers a disservice and you may have a rather short affiliate career.
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    You are saying that you would give the affiliates a chance to offer a sale or discount on your own product?

    If so, I think it is a good idea.
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      Thanks for the feedback so far!

      Originally Posted by matthewd View Post

      You are saying that you would give the affiliates a chance to offer a sale or discount on your own product?

      If so, I think it is a good idea.
      Yes, give affiliate a chance to offer a sale or discount on my own product.

      Brandon Doyle
      http://doylesoft.com Simple, effective, and affordable software. Knowledge Base software.

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    Typically, when I create a new product, I presell it to my own list minus the affiliate commission.

    So, if I want to sell it for $100 and I would normally pay 50% commission to an affiliate, then I offer it to my list for $50.

    So I lose nothing, and my list members are happy.

    Been doing that since 2006 and I have had no complaints.


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    You could even give out free to 30 people as long as they commit to becoming affiliates (assuming they like the product). You could even use their reviews on the sales page as a selling point.
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    If your platform provides the functionality, you could set up one or more coupons for each product and then distribute the coupons to your affiliates. They in turn can make them available to prospects.
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    We just created a 'Promotional Code' script where the code matches the affiliate's code. So, an affiliate can give this code to their clients in order to get a certain percentage off the sales price.

    This gives us an easy way to track affiliate sales (with the code), gives the client an incentive to sign up (a discount) and pretty much cloaks affiliate links (since it is not a link...in their eyes it is a discount code).

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