Has your Wife or Husband helped you in YOUR IM Business?

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Hello Guys,

Do you think it's an advantage for a non married (single) IM'er to get more success in IM compared to married ones, or the other way around? You know, family needs time and more financial support.

I know we have been reading lots of good advices and tips on how to succeed online, but I just thought of asking about it. For married ones, has your Wife or Husband helped you in YOUR IM Business?

I got this somewhere and I thought of sharing.

Dear Tech Support:

Last year I upgraded from Girlfriend 7.0 to Wife 1.0. I soon noticed that the new program began unexpected child processing that took up a lot of space and resources. In addition, Wife 1.0 installed itself into all other programs and now monitors all other system activity. Applications such as Poker Night 10.3, Football 5.0, HuntingAndFishing 7.5, and Racing 3.6. I can't seem to keep Wife 1.0 in the background while attempting to run my favorite applications. I'm thinking about going back to Girlfriend 7.0, but the uninstall doesn't work on Wife 1.0. Please help!

Thanks ...Troubled User



Dear Troubled User:

This is a very common problem. Many people upgrade from Girlfriend 7.0 to Wife 1.0, thinking that it is just a Utilities and Entertainment program. Wife 1.0 is an OPERATING SYSTEM and is designed by its Creator to run EVERYTHING!!! It is also impossible to delete Wife 1.0 and to return to Girlfriend 7.0. It is impossible to uninstall, or purge the program files from the system once installed. You cannot go back to Girlfriend 7.0 because Wife 1.0 is designed not to allow this. Look in your Wife 1.0 manual under Warnings-Alimony-Child Support. I recommend that you keep Wife 1.0 installed and work on improving the configuration. I suggest installing the background application YesDear 99.0 to alleviate software augmentation.

The best course of action is to enter the command C:\APOLOGIZE because ultimately you will have to do this before the system will return to normal anyway.

Wife 1.0 is a great program, but it tends to be very high maintenance. Wife 1.0 comes with several support programs, such as CleanAndSweep 3.0, CookIt 1.5 and DoBills 4.2. However, be very careful how you use these programs. Improper use will cause the system to launch the program NagNag 9.5. Once this happens, the only way to improve the performance of Wife 1.0 is to purchase additional software. I recommend Flowers 2.1 and Diamonds 5.0, but beware because sometimes these applications can be expensive.

WARNING!!! DO NOT, under any circumstances, install SecretaryWithShortSkirt 3.3. This application is not supported by Wife 1.0 and will cause irreversible damage to the operating system.

WARNING!!! Attempting to install NewGirlFriend 8.8 along with Wife 1.0 will crash the system.

(see Wife 1.0 manual, Apologize, High Maintenance & Secretary with Short Skirt)


Please speak your mind about this all.

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  • Profile picture of the author Suthan M
    Funny joke there mate

    That said, my GF helps me with a lot of part on my biz.

    She helps to motivate me when I am feeling down, she helps in running some events that I do when I have not enough people, and she makes sure I am always on top of the game.

    Honestly, I don't think I Can do much without her

    Whats the latest movie you watched? Anything good?

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  • Profile picture of the author hustlinsmoke
    Had a couple of Wives help me, don't let there husbands know thow. :-)
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  • Profile picture of the author tjcreation
    My husband helps me in my online business - he works on his ebay business and I work on my online business. Separate but together.
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  • Profile picture of the author Troy_Phillips
    My wife is my main motivation.

    She places several credit card receipts on the computer desk daily .. I look at them and find sudden inspiration to start another money stream.

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    • Profile picture of the author MP80
      No doubt there are pluses and minuses for each scenario.

      Being single, I sometimes think the 'grass looks greener' on the other side, but I am sure there are many who think life would be easier without the kids, wife/husband too! lol

      A couple of people have already mentioned the motivational factor of having a partner. On your own there is nobody to motivate you, but personally, I do not find this to be a problem because I love what I do. It would be nice, though, to have someone who took an interest in what I was doing each day, and who also enjoyed chatting about it

      Another thing to consider is that single people don't necessarily have more 'spare' time... I still have a house and yard to maintain on my own, plus cooking, cleaning, shopping, paying bills, etc. It can be a drain on my time and energy, and I need to always stay highly organised and motivated to keep on top of it. It's slightly less to do than if I had a family or a partner, but still, if I don't do it then it doesn't get done.

      Sharing the expenses, mortgage, etc, and having two incomes would be a plus with having a partner... although the benefits could be outweighed by the cost if she were high maintenance!

      One of the great things about being alone is the freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want... but this can be a double-edged sword, as I don't have anyone to hold me accountable either (Or to tell me when to come to bed lol)

      Ideally, I would prefer to have an understanding and supportive partner to work with me in creating a great life together - business and otherwise. Anything less than that though, would be more trouble than it was worth, and I would rather go it alone.
      Before you do ANYTHING else in your day - do at least ONE thing that brings money into your business.
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  • Profile picture of the author Randall Magwood
    I'm not married but i don't talk to my girlfriend about it. I want her to think that i'm a whiz-kid who can do other things just as well as making love lol...
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  • Profile picture of the author danlew
    Of course, my wife used to help me in my business when she has time. She's the one who holds a video camera for me to record while in my room, in my car or any place I want. Even she's not yet serious in the IM world, at least she supports my career and I love her very much.
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  • Profile picture of the author ryannull
    My wife contributes as much as she can. She helps me come up with ideas and does most of my banners. She is better at graphic design, than I am.

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  • Profile picture of the author shaynjordan
    My boyfriend is jealous of my computer. I told him this is how I am making money and he doesn't understand that. I got a blog started for him, but he isn't in to it.

    Once I launch my coaching program and my first eBook, I think he will be more understanding because he will see more of a cash flow coming in.
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    "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result." - Albert Einstein
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  • Profile picture of the author Audrey Harvey
    My husband is a great help. If I have work to do, he'll make dinner and do the washing up afterwards. He's a trained technical writer so he proof reads all my work. Today is our 21st wedding anniversary, and he's been right there supporting me all the time.

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    • Profile picture of the author Targeted Traffic
      LOL! Thanks for the laugh
      Well...my family is my great motivation and support system
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  • Profile picture of the author dsouravs
    hahahaha awesome

    I can convert your Non-Responsive website to Responsive website ... How sweet is that? :)

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  • Profile picture of the author jenniferwhittle
    I really love the scenario posted above! I can greatly appreciate it! As for the question, yes my husband and I are supporting each other in our chosen field, as long as it produces enough earning for both of us and our 1 child.
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  • Profile picture of the author GilAlcera
    If you started your own IM, I believe it isn’t right to expect your wife to help you at all but it is a bonus though if she has an idea on how your business works and will be of help every step of the way. You can do a joint venture on making money. People do say that two heads are better than one and a collaboration between you and your wife will help a lot.

    We have great ideas but let’s admit it. Sometimes the wife has a better idea than the husband and it won’t hurt at all if we consider whatever opinion or advice she has. The bottom line here is that you need to earn that money and if your wife will help you in getting that money faster, then by all means do it. The end of the story should always be a happy ending. If you earned and she helped, then you were able to help each other.
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  • Profile picture of the author Go4DBest
    I have enjoyed and learned something in all your replies my fellow warriors.

    Please keep them coming.
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  • Profile picture of the author Gerald Arno
    It definitely helps if your spouse is very supportive. One thing is certain and that is that if you are with a non-supportive spouse you will have it a lot harder. If working on your business is something that you absolutely want to do, then you should just go with it to 100%.

    I find it terrible how spouses can be wary when their partner wants to work a business. They donĀ“t even realize what they do by not supporting you, because they are too much concerned about themselves.

    You have to to prioritize your life, discover your values and build your life around your values.

    Do whatever you want to do in order to make your life better.
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  • Profile picture of the author Rod Cortez
    Do you think it's an advantage for a non married (single) IM'er to get more success in IM compared to married ones, or the other way around? You know, family needs time and more financial support.
    In a nutshell, no. Because there are a whole host of other variables to consider, some of which have already been mentioned in this thread.

    Having success in any business is based on effective planning, effective time management, your network and how supportive it is, motivation, execution, etc. So certainly one might think a single person would have an edge because they don't have the responsibilties of a family person, but that's only one factor.

    Some would argue that having a family would be an advantage because you've got extra motivation to earn income for one's family. Again, that's only one factor.

    Obviously if you have an unsupportive spouse then that's quite an uphill battle to climb. I'm not married, but I've had a couple of unsupportive girlfriends in the past and I solved the issue by finding a girlfriend who was more supportive. Everyone faces obstacles when they start a business, no exceptions, it's how people react to those obstacles that determine if they're going to be successful or not.

    I've met a lot of successful marketers over the years and I've realized that the single biggest factor to their success was mindset because with the right mindset you're not going to let anything stand in your way.

    I've been with my current girlfriend for nearly a year now and she's genuinely interested in what I do so I've had her help me with some of my webinars and customer support tickets. Though she wants to learn product creation. But one thing at a time.

    "Your personal philosophy is the greatest determining factor in how your life works out."
    - Jim Rohn
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  • Profile picture of the author DianaHeuser
    I have a friend that I use as a sounding board whenever I have an idea that I want to run with. He is not an Internet Marketer but he is a smart businessman.

    He's the voice of reason when I am all excited and just want to run. He makes me think of stuff that I would not have normally and helps me create a sound business model and keeps my expectations realistic.

    I may not always like his advice but the irritating part is that most of the time he is right

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  • Profile picture of the author TolyZ
    I always tell my GF to start her career in IM. She always says "I'm bored" which annoys the fck out of me and I'm always busy. I even pointed her to this forum, but it seems like she doesn't want to take any action.
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  • Profile picture of the author adammaxum
    I think it's better to be single, and have people who you can speak with from time to time to bounce ideas and thoughts off of.

    With that said, I have a GF, and she is fully supportive so I can't complain. She doesn't do anything concerning the work, but I can always look over and talk to her about anything that's going on. So that's a positive.

    I don't know what I'd do if I had kids running around. I respect all of you with kids putting in work.
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  • Profile picture of the author jgant
    My wife is hugely supportive and helps quite a bit. She's an amazing writer and very adept at photoshop. She can pretty much do it all and helps when needed.

    I find being married with an 8 week old child forces me to get stuff done fast. I hold regular hours (8 am to 4:30 or 5:30). I avoid working on weekends. I gotta get it done in those hours and so I tend not to waste too much time.

    Also, if I were single, I'd probably earn less because I didn't need much money. Now expenses are much higher so I'm more motivated to amp up the effort and results. This kind of pressure tends to fuel inspiration and motivates me to take action fast.
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  • Profile picture of the author James Hessler
    Although I now refrain from 'dreaming' in my wife's presence she does supPort me 100% aShe saw I was working from an old laptop and bought me a27" Mac.

    Awesome. Now I need to make sure I work intelligently to start earning $$$$

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  • Profile picture of the author sriram rajan
    @hustlismoke....cool stuff:-)

    it is tough once u have a wife unless she is totally believing in your efforts, more so if you have kids..but only until you start making good $$$ coming in , after which they and every one else including mother in law start showering you with lotsa love...
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    • Profile picture of the author Money Priest
      She listens to my ideas and my brainstorming. I appreciate what she does because she will listen even when she has no idea what I am really talking about.

      Believe it or not she is one of the amazing things about what I do. Lol. It is sort of funny because i can go on about the most random rambles and she will listen to every single word I have to say.
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  • Profile picture of the author magiclouie
    I am getting married this February so I am quite excited because my fiancee is an English teacher and exceptional writer.

    Before I sent my final report to a client concerning his/her website, my fiancee is going to see the site first and going to give few suggestions and comments.

    She's been helping me on my English grammar too and citing the right pronunciation of a particular word.

    She's really my partner in almost everything.

    Louie Tugas
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  • Profile picture of the author mmixon
    Wife begrudgingly helps me when I beg her. She thinks IM is a waste of time and effort. Thinks most gurus are selling scams, and the only people making money on the internet are the people selling stuff on how to make money on the internet.
    After 4 years with limited success, she may be right. Not willing to throw in the towel yet. But it is discouraging when your spouse does not support your efforts, but I trudge on.
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  • Profile picture of the author angel1959
    My husband and i work together. We share and discuss ideas which is good for the business as it is said 2 heads are better than 1.


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  • Profile picture of the author shanferg
    The original post gave me a good laugh for sure, actually my wife though not taking part in my daily doings for my online business also does'nt hinder me in any way either very supportive of it actually. could have to do with bringing in an average of 140.00 a day though
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