Do you have page 1 website with no earning?

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Hi there, I've noticed that some of my websites that's in page one is not making good money... do you have page 1 website that's not generating good money?
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    If you're having trouble converting try changing the layout, colors, call to action buttons around.. It could be that the visitors don't know what to do when they get there so they just leave.
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    If you're ranking on keywords which have a small yield or keywords which are mostly "browsing" rather than "buying" keywords, that might explain it.

    Do deep keyword research to be sure!


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    I've had many P1 websites and pages in the past that never made me any money.

    Reasons for this are usually much lower than expected traffic (the Google keyword tool can be waaaay out in some cases) and crappy keywords that don't convert.

    Another reason is failure to collect leads and implement an effective marketing strategy.
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      I can't say "no money", but it's really, really low.

      On the other hand, it's the first site I got ranked ever and it's also the first money I made off a niche site/blog ever, so... what the hell.

      Besides, I haven't touched it in a few months and plan to after my finals to see if it can improve.
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    2 things.

    1) Keyword and buying keywords.

    this is where most "self confessed " SEO expert think they will kill it, and it their plan goes out the window. You have your freebie seekers, just browsing and you have your people with their credit cards hanging out on the bench, and staring at them in the eyes saying......use me....use me LOL.

    You need to target keywords, where people even before they type into google are ready to buy. Like say viagra, you are not just there to look for pills, you are there to buy them. And probably for the best prices. LOL. (ok sort of a funny example)

    2) Your copywriting probably stinks.

    Yes, you can actually rank up on the first results of google, but if your traffic is coming and see that your site looks like it is written by a 3 year old, and unprofessional, well guess what they close down and move on.

    So you have to be engaging, really nag away at their problem, and then offer a solution. You have to do this, empathetically and in a way that makes then quickly turn from a buyer looking to a hitting the order button.

    When you get these combinations right, you will make sales. I guess it is easier than it looks, but with testing you can really turn a dud site into something special.

    I have done this myself and also coached people and taken a site earning no money into money profits, fairly easy. Just a bit of elbow grease and away you go.

    Hope this helps.
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    I have one that doesnt make me much, but is a nice little addition every now and then.

    Its at #2 and probably brings in 30 or so visitors a day, and they spend a very good amount of time on the site, and i'd say anywhere between 8-15 clicks from the reviews a day.

    They are not massively searched keywords, but they are 'buyer' keywords with no competition for this particular product "keyword reviews" for example. They dont convert often purely because they are relatively high ticket items, the cheapest being around $900, the most expensive being $4000. And they are not exactly an item you just go out and buy all the time.

    I'd say I sell one every one or two months, its random, with this month selling the $900 product for a 6% amazon comission. But I am trying to improve the layout, dipping into some related products to the niche that are cheaper and ranking those pages for their buyers keywords and just adding more reviews.

    But I genuinely think its just the nature of the product and the market.
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    Originally Posted by visimedia View Post

    Hi there, I've noticed that some of my websites that's in page one is not making good money... do you have page 1 website that's not generating good money?
    You've had a coupla good answers.

    So it's time to work on your analytics.

    What keywords are people using to find you on page one? Is there a systematic flaw in your process of doing keyword research? Are you choosing information / browsing keywords rather than buying keywords?

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