How To Monetize Free Music Downloads?

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Hey everyone,
I'm wondering if you all could give me any advice or input on what the best way to actually make money from giving away free mp3 music tracks would be?
I've been researching and thinking about this. If there was a reliable way to do this that paid well I would bet money it would be huge for the music industry.

One option is CPA or pay to download sites but I don't want people downloading my music to have to fill out surveys, no one wants to do that.

Then there are sites like linkbucks that pay money per 1000 clicks, but this payout is way to low.

I'm looking for a way to make money off of each individual track downloaded for free.

There are two interesting services I've found. One is who supposedly pay $1 per download, which is huge, but i don't think they are accepting unsigned artists right now.

The other is, it looks very promising, but I don't know how well the payout is, does anyone have any info on them?

If you think about free music downloads in terms if marketing and conversions, the conversion rate is ridiculously high and very easy if you have good music.

I have a band giving away free downloads on facebook, and at only around 110 fans on facebook, there is about 60-70 downloads per track, with 4 tracks total. This is pretty insane if you think about it as a conversion rate... And if I were able to monetize each free download for somewhere between 50 cents to a dollar, this would be a rediculously easy method of earning money with music.

I don't know, there has to be some ad program I could use. Or a site like gimmesounds that pays well. Or if anyone knows what their payout is

The only other thing I've came across is this.
Does anyone know what he's talking about to get that much from downloads? Probably some survey pay per download site (which really isn't what I'm looking for)
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    Very few people will pay for independent music on a per-download basis. At least - not until they're hooked. So you give away that kind of music and are grateful they even want to download it! LOL And this even assumes that the music is GREAT.

    How do you monetize that?

    How do you monetize ANYTHING?

    By answering a need. By addressing a want. By creating a relationship where you're treated as an authority and inspire trust.

    Music alone (and accompanying merch) CAN be monetized by an indie, but FIRST they need a loyal fanbase, they need great music and really great merchandise. And even then, in 99.9999% of the cases, they'll only sell PEANUTS.

    This is not to say you can't build on that. The best way is to FIRST engage the visitors to your site. One of the best ways to do that is by blogging. Writing about something important, controversial, funny, interesting - whatever - as long as it's not INDIFFERENT.

    You then promote your site, develop keywords for it, and soon you have some regular readership. If your articles are really good, the visitors will interact, leave comments, etc - eventually they'll even come to you for advice and so on.

    By that point, if you talk about something you're using, think it's a good product and then recommend it to others - along with a helpful link - you'll have a CHANCE to convert some of your visitors to buyers, as long as the ad is RELEVANT to what they're reading.

    Once you get to a position of sufficient authority, even COOLNESS, you will even be able to accelerate the sales of music downloads!

    Once you have enough content and it's rockin' make sure you make a newsletter where people can sign up to receive updates from you - with occasional promotions...

    No matter what you do, it's a process. Unless you're selling an ALREADY-HOT download by a mega-star (as an affiliate), and are able to SEO your site to the top of the listings when that title is searched for - don't expect too much until you've put some effort in.

    cheers paul
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    Hey, that is a good idea. But what I'm looking for is a way to get paid when people download free music from your website.

    Awhile ago reverberation and Microsoft had a "sponsored songs" program where people could download frees music and the artist would get paid because the advertisers logo was in the album art for the free download I believe. I'm looking for somethin like that. I know there has to be a way to do it!
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    Bump any more ideas? Too bad doesn't work, it was a good idea
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    put the music file in a rar archive and password encrypt it ... in order to get the password people must complete a cpa survey, upload on torrent sites and there you go...

    loads have people have banked from this
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    I guess use ads like adsense, or make them register to download, and send them offers of paid music stuff that interests them.
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    Maybe you could build up a serious catalog of free downloads (being careful of any copyright issues which you may encounter) and use a simple opt in page to build an email list from which you could market other music related merchandise or products your demographic may be interested in. As traffic increases, so will your subscribers. This would ultimately work best if your site targeted a particular demographic or genre of music. This is not my arena, just an idea. Best of luck in all that you do.
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      Use AdSense, that is the way. You can look at my site to see how I do it. Placement is important.
      Signature - Royalty Free Music for Marketing Videos

      No sign up required to try my music in your video.

      Just click to listen and download. No cost to try, only pay when you publish.
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    Why dont use Content lock CPA offer trick?
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