Here's How to Make More Money Than Others.

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...Make a huge difference in your target market's life.

Be different, be unique, be helpful.

Stop playing other people's game, create and play yours.

Let others play your game.

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    Agreed. You need to stand out and you need to be different.

    Otherwise... no one will notice you.
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    Here's why in almost every report I read it's written "Make a twist". ;-)
    Thinking outside of the box it's one of the main features an IM should have.
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    I think there are quite a few reasons or lack of attitudes that contribute to not making money. They stone cold reality is that most online markers don´t make $300 a month.

    From personal experience, plus experience while working with 6 figure earners I found that there are at least 5 reasons why people don´t do better. Most certainly, there are more than 5 lacks, but here are some key points that you will notice if you are not making a full time income yet:

    1) Your mindset - your entire perception about working a business is wrong. Most people get into the business with the attitude that they need to get some sort of lucky to make it. Or they believe that working halfheartedly will be enough to make 5 figures per month. How often did you blame another person or the system for your failures? In the time in which you blame a person or system you could be generating massive momentum!! And people who make tons of money are lucky, so they need to get lucky too. The stone cold reality is that most internet marketers are not making $300 per month. And the main reason for this to happen is that your fundamental approach about working a business is wrong/inappropriate.

    2) Your strategy is not working, OR you work a broken strategy. Too often you see people getting into a strategy that simply doesn´t work or. This could be because the strategy never worked or it worked in the past but doesn´t work in the present. For instance, many ways of free advertising are just not as powerful as paid advertising methods. A "dead end" strategy is a strategy that you work with very little till no chance of improvement. There needs to be enough space to create momentum, and generate a significant upswing. For instance, if you are into SEO and work with a backlinking strategy that is simply not working right now, you are wasting your time. SEO is one of the fastest changing industries online that exist. So you need to adjust with the changes.

    3) You don´t have the skills to succeed in a business or niche yet. That is a point that can be easily corrected as well, but so many people think that they don´t need to learn new skills to either reach an upswing or continue with an upswing. If you are not skilled enough to make it in the top 2% of income earners yet, you have got to discipline yourself to put in the amount of hours and work UNTIL you get there.

    4) You are in a venture, project, or path that could bring you the desired results, but you don´t have the required budget to make it through the "pain" period. A pain period is a down. A pain period in business is a time frame in which you will have to invest money to make money in the long term. In most cases, you are not making money instantly. Not making money instantly is something that discourages a lot of people, so they quit.

    5) You are working with the wrong kind of people. Are you working with online marketers wannabes who are on the 5th new project in a row but don´t have the mindset to finish anything? Therefore, you emulate their attitude just to figure out that it´s just another hit. Are you listening to people who claim to have results, but don´t really have the proof to earn the title of a coach? Most certainly one of the fastest ways to generate massive profits, improve your skills, and move up is by learning from people who have done successfully what you want to do.
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    I think your mindset is the most important on any business. Your strategy might not work for other people but your mindset will make that impossible task to possible task.
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    Good post Gerald, those are the facts but so many people choose to ignore them and blame their failure on something else. It really isn't some closely guarded secret. If you want to be successfull then you have to work your butt off and have the correct mindset. Stop looking for some magical system and just get to work, things will happen! Be yourself, don't copy other people or try to hide behind your computer screen. That's all people want, so find a way to deliver.
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    let me sum it up:

    There is no short cut in success...even if there is, it is not going to stay

    Am i right?
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