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I`ve just had my adwords account hacked! I hadn`t used it for about 10 days, then when I went to start a new adwords campaign for an affiliate program that I was going to promote, I saw a campaign that I had not set up!
It was started 10 mins after I had last logged out (I`m not going to name the website YET!).

Can anyone shed light on how they have done this? and what my next steps should be?
As a result of this, I have had my adwords acc froze until an investigation has been done.
I have also been billed for $67 for the 10 days they got away with it.
If any one can shed any light then I would be truly grateful!

Grrrrrr Internet Monsters!!!!

#adwords #hacking
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    Report immediately to the google support team to freeze the account & ask them to investigate the issue. Or you can request google to close that account completely & start new account.

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      The account is froze and there on the case.. It seems stupid how they thought they will get away with it

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