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I own up "I have been guilty of being wooed by the latest shiny toys and believed that there was an alternative to working hard at Internet Marketing".

Last year I spent hundreds of pounds per month on the latest push button sit back and do nothing backlinking software in the belief that I would be able to sit on the beach with those other successful marketers that I receive emails from, and sup on my Pina Colada, drive my Ferrari and own my own villa with a pool in Hollywood.

The year started well and I started to see some improvements to my web site rankings. But as the year went on, I started to see that things were steadily getting worse and by December, things were so bad that I decided "down tools" and stop what I was doing and started looking for a job in the Supermarket stacking shelves. This surely must only be happening to me. What was I doing wrong

Not being one to give up I decided that I would do a test to see if it was me or if it was the ultra expensive software that I was using. At the beginning of this year I was introduced to a new client that was complaining that he couldn't get his web site to rank on page 1 of Google.

I decided to rise to the challenge (probably not advisable to do it on a client but never mind) and decided to go back to basics and test to see if I could find out what was actually working at the moment. I decided to revert back to the techniques I used to use when I actually had to put in some hard work.

The client was competing on a medium to high keyword and had a Joomla site. Now I always like to work with WordPress as I think that WordPress is SEO friendly and Joomla doesn't have a great reputation, but yet again, I thought it would be good to see what I could achieve.

The first thing I did was to check his web site for optimisation making sure that there was plenty of well written material with keywords spaced among the articles. I also made sure that the title tags and all the other important areas were properly optimised too.

I decided to make sure that his site was indexed first which it was, so I knew that the search engines had picked him up.

I then decided to first distribute links to his site using Social Media so made sure that his site was bookmarked at places such as jumptags, linkagogo, stumbleupon to name just a few.

Next I decided to write a couple of 500 word articles. I decided not to outsource but to write them myself making sure they were written well and contained the keywords I was promoting but I made sure not to write it in a spammy way.

I decided then to spin the articles but took the time to make sure that when spun they made sense. This took some considerable amount of time. I don't know how outsourcers do it so quickly.

I then drip fed the articles over a period of days to make sure that the links back were going to look as natural as possible and then monitored the site's ranking position.

Nothing happened the first week at all. The site just sat there not moving an inch and I thought that this was just a waste of my time. Then at the end of the first week I noticed that the site had moved up a few places. I half expected the site to do the Google jump and disappear but during the following week the site moved up bit by bit until 3 weeks later, it is now sitting on page 1 of Google.

The client is ecstatic but I have to say I am a little disappointed because rather than my dreams of sitting on the beach doing nothing every day, I am going to have to work hard like the rest of the world to be a success.
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    You only have to work hard for so long before you start to build some momentum in the form of passive income (assuming, of course, that you spend some of your time building your own assets instead of just building them for others). But you'll still need to work in order to maintain and grow it.
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    Just a question...where did you post those 500 word articles?

    Ron Desi
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      I actually posted them to ezarticlelink. I started out with them some time ago and got good results but dropped them for a while

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    I use ezarticlelink and like them...but it seems to take months for any movement. How many articles did you submit to them per keyword you were trying to rank for? Also did you point direct to your money site??
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      We did point direct to the client's money site and the rankings moved pretty quickly. What we are doing now is sending out 4 articles per month keeping the keywords until they rank and then moving on to further buying keywords.

      I am using Rank Tracker to monitor the stats and all seems to be good

      Kind regards
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