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by garyv
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This is something I do, and it works like a charm for getting fast and easy traffic.

It involves setting up Google Alerts -

Google Alerts - Monitor the Web for interesting new content

I set up an alert for news only - so where it says "Result type" I choose "news".

Then I put in the main keywords from any of my websites/blogs.

Then as soon as I get an email saying that one of my keywords made it into the news for some reason - then I immediately make a post or update to my website.

When keywords make it into the news, there's usually a spike in searches for those specific keywords. And Google usually gives a boost to newly updated sites whenever there's a spike in searches for a specific keyword.

It doesn't always work, but when it does it's like an avalanche of quick traffic. It's definitely worth taking the time to do it.
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    Great tip Garyv. I've recieved many, many different leads using this technique. I also use it to see where others are posting press releases - free or otherwise.

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    Very good resource Gary. Like how you even gave a plan to somewhat follow. WE used to follow the what's hot in Google and do basically the same thing.

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    Great simple little tip.

    Here is something that I learnt over the years.

    Google alert your keywords for you products, you will see themm pop up, that is if you do have a quality product. When you do, go there, to forums and blogs and tell them you are the owner, and more about your product and tell them you are giving 100% commisions to your affiliates and all the rest. This is a good way to share the love and get more people making you money.
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    This is a great strategy, I've been using it for quite a while now. Depending on what your keywords are you can get TONS of Google alerts every single day. Huge opportunity for traffic. Thanks for sharing
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    That's actually really smart. Thanks for the tip. I've used Google alerts before but certainly not for anything like this. That's a few of my keywords added and will await some alerts.
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    That sounds like a great tip. You must be a successful blogger.
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    It's also a good way to manage your brand's or product's reputation.
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    Thanks for the idea. I really like using google alerts as well for generating traffic. But I had mostly been using it to find relevant content to comment on. This idea is a nice extension of that principle
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    You can leave comments on other blogs with high pr in your niche.
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    thanks i will try this out..

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      Good technique!

      I had alerts set for a few keywords relating to my businesses years ago to monitor reputation.

      It's also a favourite tool for the press and self obsessed celebrities.
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    This is definitely thinking out of the box. Sometimes i wonder how Aliens would market a website. I'm almost confident that they would use an unorthodox method such as this technique. Thanks for sharing.
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