Anyone Know Where to Find Magazine Demographics and Prices for Ads?

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Hey Warriors,

Does anyone know where to find the demographics of magazines like if I were wanting to buy Media?

Reason I ask is I have found a few things but nothing like the 'major rate book' or whatever.

I'd appreciate any help


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    The magazine itself is the best source for this information. If you are considering purchasing ad space they will gladly share this information with you. Send an email or call the person listed on the masthead as being in charge of advertising. If there isn't one, just call or email the main contact address/phone number for that magazine. They are not going to tell someone wanting to spend money to go away.

    Some magazines used to publish a statement once a year detailing their subscription numbers and general demographics, but I haven't seen it done in a long time.
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      Every magazine offers this information free to potential advertisers. In most cases it's available on the magazine web site. Look for their "media kit". If you don't see it, call the magazine and introduce yourself as a potential advertiser and request this information.

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    Is standard rate and data still around?
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    I advertise in alot of magazines. especially money making mags. I just email the ad department and they send me one. I do alot of business with the link below. Rates are on there website. I do classifieds and up to full page ads. I get a good rate for them and a great conversion.

    There are dozens I have used though. I usually go to barnes and nobles or hastings and write down the ones I see then go to the website. I get free ads sometimes from press releases for certain sites.

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    You know I havent mentioned mags before because no one has brought it up. But Mags bring in alot of hits to me for a small amount of investment. A great way to outsource.
    I mean look at these ad rates Great price for the hits I get.

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