Trust people with no feedback? get your site banned?

by money fan Banned
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I have hire a person to promote my website through yahoo answers. what is the likely hood they would do something wrong and get my site banned? They have no feedback yet. Thanks
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    If you don't know who you are dealing with and have no references you are taking a risk. There is no doubt about it. They could possibly use some black hat tactics that could damage your rankings permanently. Be Careful.
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    What exactly did you hire them to do? Like backlinks, traffic, article marketing.. what? lol there are millions of ways to promote a site..
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    There is very little anyone can do to damage your rankings through backlinking. I am not sure where the above poster got his info from but it is just plain wrong.

    The worst thing that can happen is that he does not provide results for you. Also, if you are concerned about your sites reputation then he could damage that by saying the wrong things as an answer.
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