Potential Big Offline Client...But There's A Roadblock - Help!

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I had a very strong feeling that this was going to happen!

I've been promoting to offline clients like crazy, and we're starting to get some repsonses. I just got an email from a fairly well known local printing company, and they are interested in building a separate ecommerce site for their business, and here's the kicker:

They want to see samples of previous work.


I do SEO, and other types of IM, but by no means am I a designer, let alone have samples. My goal was to outsource this type of work when the time came...and, well, the time might be here.

Now, I'm thinking that I want to secure a deal, but I would need to pick someone to outsource it to (a fellow Warrior would be nice), to where I could show them examples of their previous sites. I think that's ethical? Or not?

Any input, suggestions you may have would be fantastic, as I don't want to let this fish off the hook. Could be a decent sized one.


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    Hire a couple of people on spec in the warriors for hire or website design sections of the forum and have them provide the samples with the understanding if their work is chosen you hire them.

    You'll probably get more relevant replies if you re-word your topic and ask for help there.

    Very exciting. Don't let that big fish get away!
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      Sheila is dead-on on this one.

      If you are going to outsource this (which is a great idea anyway) use samples from that source.

      BUT, I would definately use the second part of her post and tell them that you keep your clients site confindential, as you will with their's. One thing you can add to this is to get a couple of screen shots only of your outsourcer's sites and tell the new client that you are able to show them "only so much" to maintain privacy. Then, find a couple of similar sites to what they want online and just says yours work just like this, etc..

      I am in an offlilne business that requires client's personal/private info and I get asked for referrals all the time and I always use the same line about maintaining client's privacy, as i will with you... and that is accepted 100% of the time.

      Your other option, if you are actually doing the programming work, spend a couple hours putting together a dummy demo site to show them. If the work is good and what they want, it wont matter a bit if you dont show them other of your client's sites.

      Good luck on the sale.
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    Congratulations on going out there and making it happen!!

    As far as needing to show your work goes, don't worry. It's totally ethical to show work done by the person you're going to outsource it too - there's nothing shady about it because you're showcasing your contractor. The only time it'd be a problem is if you'd show work from another vendor and call it your own. You're a business owner, you don't have to be doing the work yourself. Other business owners understand that. I'm sure they don't create their products from scratch, so they won't expect you to do it all on your own either.

    Here's a thought for the future though - you can always tell a potential customer that your clients prefer that you don't show their sites - trade secrets and all. You can say that your clients don't want others to copy what they've done, and that you'll extend the same courtesy to them by not using their site to advertise your business. But that's why you have an iron-clad guarantee - if they don't like what you've done for them, you can promise to refund their money. But, of course, you're going to make them happy, and you're going to be tracking your results - so, what's not to love?

    I hope that helps. Best of luck to you!
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  • This is what I am doing. I am creating a free site for a very small bible college. I am doing it for free - but I will use it as my sample - citing the fact that my paying customers' sites are kept confidential. This way, they get to see a site, and gain trust in you keeping their e-commerce model private.

    Contact a local church or charity. Ask if you can build them a complimentary website. Build it, or ask your future designer to build it. MAKE IT NICE! This will be the face of your design abilities. If you get big, you can write that website off on your taxes.
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      Ok .. fine You dont want to show me your clients site - for confidentiality reasons ... LOL Guys ... the offline biz guy your talking too doesnt plan on invading your secret niches! They dont even get that stuff. Its totally logical to an IM to keep niche sites on the down low from other warriors IM's so as to not have competition - but that will just straight up seem LAME to a cigar shop owner, restauranteur, insurance agent, dentist

      Ok - you subcontract out that "techie" stuff - but uhh isnt that what we're talking about here - technology?

      Ok then show me Y-O-U-R site ... and what keywords does it rank for? How many subscribers are on your list?

      What ...? You dont have a site? Your on page 96 of google for acne fixes... what? Nor a list?

      Things that make ya goooo hrmmmm.....
      Rank Ascend Network - High PR Links / Guaranteed Rankings Increase
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    If someone wants to see a site of mine I simply show them a 'hash-up' of work in progress so that they can see the various aspects of some of the items available. So that I can show a Nº1 on Google, I use a local search term as the title of the site, coches en coin, for example. This site is Nº4 sometimes if the other sites have been working on their SEO but it soon goes back to Nº 1 - not bad considering the site has very little text and no articles.

    Once they have seen that, if they want to see more, I show them my own sites which have all the bells and whistles.

    You might not like what I say - but I believe it.
    Build it, make money, then build some more
    Some old school smarts would help - and here's to Rob Toth for his help. Bloody good stuff, even the freebies!

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