Where do you upload your zips?

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I guess I should be experienced enough to know this by now, but I am not.
I want to start letting users download zip files, mainly large videos. Problem is even zipped these files are larger than 8mb that my Wordpress media allows. Do you just ftp it instead or other method? If you ftp, do you just drop the zip into a subdirectory and point to it with a link on WP?
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    Yes, thats one way to doing things (via ftp, and pointing the link) - As long as you don't have a huge number of people downloading the file, it should be OK even on a shared servers. But if you FTP, people have to download the file to view it, rather than stream it online But for reference, I usually upload my huge files (videos especially) to Amazon S3 account and point the link as the download page or streaming page. In that way, there is no killer bandwidth sapped from my own server and I pay just a few bucks each month for it.

    Whats the latest movie you watched? Anything good?

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    You can use an FTP software called Filezilla to upload these files to your website. Yeah basically just drag and drop your zip file to a subdirectory onto your website, and then point to it from Wordpress.

    If Wordpress doesn't allow you to upload via FTP, order a new webhosting plan and upload it to the subdirectory on your new website, and then just link to it from Wordpress. Most people won't realize that you're linking to a file that's on a different domain.
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      There is a freeware utility called FileChucker that you can set up on your site so you can upload and download files directly. You can also assign passwords to users so you can control who is uploading to your server. But like Suthan mentioned, if you don't want to burn your bandwidth, you can use an alternative.

      I don't use FileChucker anymore though, now I use DropBox. DropBox is awesome and free! You get 2GB for free and if you remove older files and upload new ones, you'll never run out of space. If you need to keep files uploaded for a long time and need more space, you can upgrade to a paid account.

      DropBox sets up a folder on your computer so to upload a file all you have to do is drop it into that folder and it gets uploaded automatically. No need to login to an FTP or anywhere.
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    Usually to fly.com
    Stop by Paul's Pub - my little hangout on Facebook.

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    I uploaded all my zip files to my FTP using Filezilla. It works like a charm and its an easy thing to do.
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