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I came across this picture while procrastinating and started laughing because I realized I should be working. Figured you warriors would get a kick out of it.

#productivity #thief
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    I'm willing to bet most of the "internetz" distractions have longer legs.

    Founder of JVZoo. All around good guy :)

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      Originally Posted by E. Brian Rose View Post

      I'm willing to bet most of the "internetz" distractions have longer legs.
      That's a Good One! :-)
      Rus Sells says...
      Your signature is all that matters!
      Cat's = PROFIT"S
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    Funny. It is so easy to get distracted from staying on track while working on the Internet. Even without the longer legs it can be quite challenging just to stay off of FB or the WF.

    Just sayin...
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    I agree with the above post. I get distracted often. I am even getting drawn in and distracted by this post which is distracting but I guess I like the thought of something being distracting that talks about distractions.
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    It can be frustrating trying to not get distracted when making a new site, recording a new tutorial or any of the many tasks i have.

    Close your email client, log out of pidgin chat, log out of skype, close the window with our main membership site and i might.....just might not get distracted

    Either that or try to be strict with yourself by setting a timer for 45 mins to complete your task. When the buzzer goes off take 5-10 mins to chill out then jump back on your task or the next one for another 45mins.

    I find that helps me from getting bored or frustrated b the tasks i am working on.

    Now Get Back To Work!!!!
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      Just ask yourself this.

      Are you the mouse or the cat?

      One is just about to fall off the perch while the other is deep in the litter...

      Anyway, two great images...

      Now GET BACK TO WORK...
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