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I just came across this and thought I'd share. These are actually from a site revolving around journalism, but I think they can easily be adapted for other endeavors (such as online marketing of course)

Do what you can — now.
Use what you can — now.
Build what you can — now.
Take risks.
Be public.
Think creatively.
Trust that things will fall into place.
But do what you can to make them fall into the right places.
Never stop looking forward.
Find your purpose, define it, and live by it.

Here's the site they were originally posted on. It goes on to explain each of the above.

11 lessons from a site launch - Online News Association
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    to summarize:

    Just do it!


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    It's hard to keep motivations up sometimes. I love looking through youtube videos like Will Smith, whose really great at motivation.

    “You live longer once you realize that any time spent being unhappy is wasted.” Ruth E. Renkl

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  • yeh.. Just do it..
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    "just do !t" ----> The Nike Slogan.
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    Yeah... Take action right now. don't wait
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    It's those who can win the battle of doing what you need to instead of what you want to, even when it's hard that will find success. This thing of doing it now is simply say no to playing an hour of Xbox or Watching TV, even surfing the web and do the hard and boring thing, like write a blog post.

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    Nice one .. thanks for the tips ..
    You are right .. most people live in their past and some in the future ..
    but the first three suggests you to live in the present and do marketing from the tools you have and Focus on your current goals ..

    Thanks once again ..
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      Indeed put your hands to work. Thats the reason I started a for sale thread here, so I MUST work when people pay, no option to be lazy anymore
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    Thanks for those tips. They are really motivating. I've been working on a project of mine and it's really good to remotivate and get me working on it again. It's OK that the tips are originally for journalists because bloggers are per se jounalists but just on the web.
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      nice tips! thanks for sharing!
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    Simple rules: focus, stop chasing 'shiny objects'. Take action!
    Can I Haz A CheezBurgr?
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    Nice tips and also nice video...Thanks for sharing this
    Why you are waiting ? Do it fast....
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