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I have recently read a lot of different info regarding offline marketing and many have tried different things to advertise. Email, regular mail, phone and fax. What is wonder is to do with the phone and fax methods, from reading, this would be classified as telemarketing. I know in Canada to do any kind of telemarketing you need to be registered in a do not call list database which of course costs a bunch of money.

Have any of the warriors here registered or anything or are you just making calls/faxes without worrying about this? I want to test both these methods but don't want problems to arise. Any help or insight is greatly appreciated!

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    Brett: There are ways to work around this. First of all, here is a quote from the National (Canadian) Do Not Call Website:

    Does being on the List prevent all unsolicited calls?

    Being on the National DNCL keeps you from receiving most telemarketing calls, but there are exceptions. Registered charities are still allowed to call for donations, and certain other organizations-such as companies conducting polls or surveys, political parties, and newspapers looking for subscriptions-can also continue to contact you. As well, if you've done business with a company in the last 18 months, that company is considered to have a relationship with you and is allowed to call. After 18 months the company must stop calling if you're on the National DNCL, unless you give permission otherwise. To learn more about exemptions, call 1-866-580-DNCL (866-580-3625) or go to
    The full article is here: National Do Not Call List - Information for Canadian consumers

    One work-around that works well for me is offering existing clients a discount for every referral they send to me for the services I offer. (Online advertising for offline businesses.)

    I also offer contests to my existing customers such as a free digital camera for the most referrals in any given time period, or for any given topic.

    I also do a lot of tradeshow marketing - meeting with the business owners in person and asking for an appointment with them to discuss their online advertising needs.

    I still make cold calls - the first question I often ask is whether or not the customer has requested 'do not call' status. If so, I thank them for their time and move on.

    Other standard methods are free give-aways on your website, newsletters, article marketing in the local newspapers, etc.

    I'm sure others can add some creative approaches, as well.
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    Speaking only to the Fax method. I've worked in several different offices and most owners of businesses I've talked to and personally know HATE fax ads with a passion.

    The good will is trashed even when current vendors send ads via fax. The receiver has to pay for the ink/toner and paper and they do not like having to pay for others' ads.

    Just my observation.
    George Wright
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